Planning a Wedding with your besties and Bridesmaids will most likely push your friendship further than it has every gone before. You’ll be relying on them for appointments, organising their dresses for the day, asking them to pay for certain things (makeup, accessories, hen’s nights) and trying to keep all of them happy.

On the Big Day, it will all come to a climax and you’ll probably never feel closer, but how do you keep your friendship strong after the stress and pressure of the Wedding?

1. Keep WhatsApp

If you haven’t already set up a Whatsapp group with your Bridesmaids, now’s the time. This means you can all stay in touch 24/7 with the click of a button. Whether you use it to call or send pretty screenshots (Wedding inpso doesn’t have to stop after the Wedding Day!!), having this group will mean there’s no excuse for losing touch.

2. Have a Book Club

Create a mini book club! Organise a chain with your friends and every month, it’s your job to post a book to one of your former Bridesmaids. That Bridesmaid posts a book to one of the other ‘Maids and so on. Every month, you’ll receive a new book from one of your best girls!

3. Plan a Trip

Nothing will get you all more excited than planning a girlie weekend away. Make it a tradition to meet up annually for a trip and indulge in all the fun things that your hubby wouldn’t be interested in like massages, day spas and wine tasting.

4. Send Care Packages

Randomly send your ‘Maids care packages or hampers to remind them how much you love them.

5. Meet Up

Whether your Bridesmaid lives down the road or in another state, make a plan to meet exactly halfway between the two houses. Use Google maps to find the location – the quirkier, the more fun!

6. #TBT

Use the hashtag Throwback Thursday to post photos of the two of you together and tag her. Every single week, you’ll get a reminder!

7. App It

Download the Glympse app to your phone and ask your girls to sync it with their own devices; that way, you can track where in the world all of your ‘Maids are at any time. If you’ve had to go into the CBD to do some shopping, you can see whether your bestie is nearby and arrange a lunch date. It’s also great for when you leave each other after late-night cocktails, as you can make sure each other make it home safely.

Main image from Nicole and Raymond’s Wedding. Photography by Simon Gorges

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