There’s a lot of work that goes into being a Maid-of-Honour, so when she’s living interstate or overseas, it can make it even trickier. If your bestie lives far away, here are seven ways you can both stay sane and still plan an incredible Wedding!

1. Sign Up for Newsletters

Sign up for newsletters with every airline that offers direct flights between the two of you and take advantage of all the last-minute specials. Trust us, you’ll use them!

2. Have a Plan

Talk to your MoH about exactly what you’re hoping to have her organise. If you want a separate Bridal Shower, Hen’s Night and Kitchen Tea, it’s best for her to know early, so she can start the preparations!

3. Get Appy

Download Skype and Whatsapp to your phone so you can communicate with your MoH with just the click of a button. This especially comes in handy when you have supplier meetings, as she can dial in (it’s almost like she’s right there with you)!

4. Be Honest

Keep the communication clear. If your MoH won’t be able to make specific appointments, make sure she doesn’t feel pressured into cancelling other things (especially work or family commitments) to be there for you. Schedule everything well in advance so that she can block out the dates in her diary.

5. Go Local

Delegate a family member or close friend who lives locally to be a side-kick for you when your official MoH can’t be there. This local side-kick can also give your MoH regular updates on how the planning is going, how you’re feeling and what’s new – that way your interstate MoH feels part of the action!

6. Compensate in Other Areas

Your MoH may not be able to be by your side for every moment of the Wedding planning process, so ask her to manage some of the tasks that don’t require face-to-face meetings. Things like researching, acting as a go-between for suppliers and helping coordinate the Wedding Day schedule are all things she can do from the comfort of her home!

7. Make Time

If your MoH can’t be there by your side, suggest that the two of you meet for a weekend of girlie R&R.  You’ll both be grateful for the time away and it’s a perfect opportunity to catch up on Wedding planning.

Main image from Katherine and Aaron’s Wedding. Photography by Inlighten Photography.

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