We’ve all watched Hudson and Hathaway battle it out in Bride Wars, but if you thought the bridezilla craziness was limited to Hollywood blockbusters…think again!

We’ve gathered seven quotes from real life brides that will have you thinking twice before accepting a role of head bridesmaid at your best friend’s wedding.

1. This bridezilla barricaded her hungry guests in the reception

Once upon a time there was a bride who thought that cheese platters, fruit and veggies with dips would suffice for a guest list of over 100. When guests began trying to leave the reception out of hunger and frustration, the bride barricaded the doors screaming “Bride’s day, Bride’s way”. Yeesh!

2. Too skinny

This exchange happened between the bride and her bridesmaid.
Bride:  “You look really skinny in that dress”
Bridesmaid: “Thanks”
Bride: “That was not a compliment. That was a problem.”


3. Throwing a fit over a gift

After receiving a gift basket as a wedding gift from one of her wedding guests, this bride threw the ultimate hissy fit. She immediately contacted the gift-giver, saying “I’m not sure if it’s the first wedding you have been to, but for your next wedding, people give envelopes. I lost out on $200 covering you and your date’s plates… and got fluffy whip and sour patch kids in return.”

4. Holding on to anger

This bridezilla’s sister-in-law recalls the bride screaming at her and other wedding guests because she was holding a bag of gifts. She yelled, “Why am I holding something? Will someone explain to me why I am holding something on my wedding day?! Someone better take this out of my hands immediately.”



5. Hair or gone

This quote came from Bridezilla Michelle, who was adamant that she be the only one in the bridal party with her hair down.
“Why’s your hair down? Do you see Chrissy’s hair? Chrissy’s is up. Kimmy’s is up. Felicia’s is up. Yours is going up!”

6. Wedding…interrupted

When the groom’s phone alarm went off in the ceremony, it provoked a furious response from his bride. “I can’t believe you let your phone go off in the middle of our wedding.” She screamed and then grabbed the phone, handed it to the Maid-of-Honour saying “remind me to smash it later”. Maybe this bride hates interruptions? Nope. She then went on to interrupt the pastor “The father, the son, the holy spirit, yeah I know”.

7. Chocoholics anonymous

Don’t mess with a bride and her chocolate cake! Bridezilla Christina was more than upset when the cake that she ordered was delivered … are you ready? Without any chocolate! She called the cake designer in a rage, “everything you say to me is like duh-duh-duh. I don’t hear a damn thing you’re saying. The only thing I hear is in my mind, saying ‘I want chocolate on my wedding day. I want chocolate on my wedding day.’ So get me the damn chocolate cake!”




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