Born between the 21st June and the 22nd July, Cancerians are regarded as one of the most devoted, loyal and considerate of all the star signs; but you already know that because you’re about to Marry one!

However, because they’re one of the ‘water signs’, they tend to fluctuate in mood – meaning you can feel like you’re not sure where you stand with them. Before you say ‘I do’ to this beautiful spirit, here are seven things you need to know.

1. It’s All About the Family

If a Cancerian considers you as part of the family, you can be sure that they’ll have your back no matter what. They are renowned for their devotion and commitment to family (and friends who make it to their inner circle) and will prioritise these people in everything they do. Make an effort to get along with their loved ones, because you’ll probably be spending a whole lot of time with them.

2. Cancerian Men are Different

The difference in personality between a Cancer male versus a Cancer female is huge – in fact it’s the largest difference of any other star sign. Cancerian men tends to be silent, dignified and reserved; whereas the women are talkative, outgoing and witty.


3. They Can Manage the Finances

Cancerians are known as being really good savers, so hand them over the cheque book and household bills. Stat.

4. Their Instincts are On Point

Cancers have killer intuition, but because of this, once they’ve made a decision they can be strong-willed and stubborn. Pick your battles wisely with them and trust their instinct!

5. Deep Love

When Cancers love, they love deeply and they’re not afraid to show it through affection. Cancerian Grooms will be romantic, protective and devoted – a triple threat!

6. Great Dads

Because Cancerians are so devoted and protective, they also make amazing parents; so if you’re hoping to start a family with someone born under Cancer’s rule, you can rest assured they’ll be a natural with their own kids.

7. Mysterious and Moody

One of the downsides to a Cancerian is that they are temperamental and moody, so if they’re mad, it can be best to let them calm down before trying to resolve the issue. The good thing about this is that their mood will change quickly, so they’ll be back to being themselves in no time.

Image from Mia and Jarred’s Wedding. Photography by Julia Winkler.

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