Geminis are renowned for their spontaneity, fun and energy which can make them fantastic partners, but they’ve also got a bit of a reputation for being irrational and emotionally-driven.

So before you say ‘I Do’ to a Gemini, here’s what you need to know.

1. They Love Sarcasm

Geminis have a great sense of humour and often use sarcasm to make jokes. This can sometimes be taken as though they are mocking or teasing you, but it’s actually a way for them to show that they like you.

2. They Aren’t Two-Faced

Poor Geminis have had a reputation for being two-faced for far too long. This misunderstood star sign is actually just cautious when it comes to letting people in, so will often put up a front until they get to know and trust you.

3. They are Ticking Time Bomb

Although Geminis don’t have a short fuse, when they blow, they blow up big time. If they reach the point of rage, give them space and a lot of it.

4. They’ll Probably Be Late to the Ceremony

Geminis aren’t renowned for their superior time management skills, so don’t be surprised if they’re late to the chapel – and don’t let it cause offense (it’s not you, it’s them).


5. They Love Adventure

Get ready to embrace your inner-child because with a Gemini, you’ll be going on dates that involve adrenalin and loads of surprises.

6. They Don’t Like Being Told What to Do

So, word your disagreements with them very carefully.

7. Sat it With Texts

Geminis love to be social, but don’t always love close interaction, so texting is a life-saver when you want honest, regular contact.

Image from Kitty and Ku’s Wedding. Photography by Feather and Stone Photography.

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