In the middle of winter, nothing is better than escaping the cold weather and heading closer to the equator for a warm, tropical destination Wedding. Not only will you have a spectacular backdrop to say your I Dos to, but yu are also giving your the chance to join you on a mini-vacation.

Before you pack you bejewelled sandals and board the plane, there are a few things you should know to help you prepare for your Big Day.

1. Mornings are Magic

Take advantage of your spectacular tropical location and consider a brunch or lunch Wedding. Not only does the sparkling ocean always looks best during daylight hours, but it’s often less expensive to host a morning reception, so if you can time your ceremony and reception to take place before the sun goes down, you’ll be winning on all fronts.

2. Be Prepared for the Heat

It’s likely going to be sunny and warm, so make sure that you’ve prepped your Wedding Day emergency kit with deodorant, sunscreen and extra water bottles. It’s also a good idea to provide guests with some extra protection from the sun and matching white umbrellas look so pretty for photos!

3. It Might Be Noisy

Between the crashing waves, the wind and any other beach-goers, there’s probably going to be a lot of background noise. Investing that little bit extra in a quality sound system, including microphones and speakers, will ensure that all of your guests get to hear your vows and speeches clearly.


4. Have Flats

Having a pair of flat sandals is essential if you’re destination Wedding is on the sand. It’s virtually impossible for a Bride to walk down a sand aisle in high heels and the last thing you want to do is trip! There are so many gorgeous metallic, lace and embellished sandals available, that you don’t have to compromise your Bridal look – and you can always change into your Jimmy Choo’s later.

5. Consider the Men

Have a think about how you’re dressing the Groom and the Groomsmen, as well as what your dress code for the Wedding is. If it’s a beach Wedding, you might want to rethink the black tie look, as the gentlemen in the Bridal party will probably sweat through their suits before you even walk down the aisle.

6. Check the Privacy

Always check with your venue how private the location is. If they’ve suggested a Wedding on a public beach, you’ll have to be prepared for elderly bathers and young children to photobomb your pictures from the Big Day. Having the ceremony in a busy location can also make the day feel less intimate and will cause ore background noise.

7. Have a Plan B

The tropics are renowned for their unpredictable weather patterns. One day it could be perfectly sunny, the next it can pour with rain. Have a plan B if you’re having an outside ceremony or reception and be prepared to have to use it!


Images from Ashliegh¬†and Kieran’s Wedding. Photography by¬†Terralogical.

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