From head-to-toe, your Wedding Day style has to be perfect, but when searching for a beautiful shoe, there’s more to take into consideration than just the look. We’ve sat down with Jennifer White from Panache Bridal Shoes to find out exactly what Brides need to know before purchasing their dream heel.

1. Get Shoes Made For Walking

Although the 12-inch heels make you look like a glamazon, after hours of posing, walking and standing, you’ll be regretting your stiletto splurge. You can get some seriously stylish shoes with mid-to-low, say 8 cm to 6 cm kitten heels that are as comfortable as they are cute!

4Image on left of real Bride Morin and image on right of Panache Bridal’s Emily Shoe.

2. Wear Them In

Before the Big Day, be prepared to spend some time walking around your house in your shoes. Jennifer’s tip is to pop them on a bare foot as all PBS shoes are leather lined and the warmth of your foot will help them mould to your foot so there are no pressure points on the day.

1Image on left of Panache Bridal’s Scarlet Shoe and image on right of real Bride Shavorjn.

3. Know Your Hemline

Bear in mind the hemline of your dress when picking the shoes. If you’ve got a shorter hem or a tea-length dress, you should consider an open-toe heel that elongates the calf, whereas if the gown is to the floor, you have more freedom.

2Image on left of real Bride Luisa and image on right of Panache Bridal’s Valentina Shoe.

4. Think About the Terrain

If you’ve planned an outdoor wedding in winter or spring, you should always have a back-up option for the shoes. Jennifer recommends a pair of lace flats or silk ballets to go with your heels that you can change in and out of throughout the night.

9Image on left of real Bride Rachael and image on right of Panache Bridal’s Lou Lou Shoe.

5. Accessorise

Ask your MoH to grab some Foot petals to add extra comfort, Panache Bridal Shoes always keep the latest version, they will be a life-saver for your tired feet on the Wedding Day.

6Image on left of real Bride Luisa and image on right of Panache Bridal’s Edwina Shoe.

6. Search for Soft

The softer the leather or lace in a shoe, the better. Panache Bridal Shoes make all their heels from Italian Dupion silk, French lace and soft leather. Heels made from softer textiles will stretch more with your foot, giving you the perfect fit; whereas harder fabrics (like patent leather) can rub and give you blisters throughout the day.

3Image on left of Panache Bridal’s Cara Shoe and image on right of real Bride Eve.

Panache Bridal Shoes has been specialising in bridal footwear for more than two decades, sourcing textiles from all over the world. An award-winning supplier, Panache Bridal Shoes is passionate about classic and glam designs of every heel height that are made of only the finest silks, lace, crystals and leather.

Main image from real bride Luisa. Shoes by Panache Bridal Shoes.


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