The latest trend that’s flooding our newsfeeds is the deliciousness that various food trucks are producing. Whether it’s a burger truck or a noodle truck, it’s the latest craze in food, and while these trucks might be more traditionally seen at festivals, there are some that have started using their skills to cater for weddings too. They are a yummy, simple and very memorable way to feed guests on your Big Day.


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1. They’re Cheap as Chips

Although some food trucks have a minimum spend for weddings, they are usually pretty reasonable, with meals starting from $10 a head.

2. You Can Customise Your Menu

Although some trucks have fixed menus, others are a little more flexible and will customise the menu to suit your needs. That could be anything from adding a few more vegetarian options on or having a two/three course meal.


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3. You Can Have Them as the Main Meal or as a Dessert

If you’re having a wood-fire pizza truck, then it’s safe to say your guests will be satisfied, especially if the pizzas are unlimited! But dessert trucks make up a big part of the food truck world too, so if you have something else planned for the main meal then have a gelato, doughnut or fro-yo truck as a delish treat for your guests.

While some trucks have a minimum of one, two or three hours, a lot of them are quite flexible with how long you want them to stay and will let you decide that part.

5. There are Apps to Help you Find Food Trucks in your City

If you’re having trouble finding the right truck, there are smart phone apps that are dedicated to giving you reviews, menu information and locations of all the ones in your city.


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Hiring waiters to hand out the food will make the process a little smoother. Your guests might feel uncomfortable standing and eating their burrito, trying not to get guacamole on their clothes. And, it can save you some money if you hire the staff directly from the food truck company as opposed to from the venue.

7. You Can Have More Than One Truck

If you are having any more than 100 guests then having two food trucks is a good idea. You can choose one and your partner can choose the other, it’s perfect and will give your guests more variety.


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