Once the Wedding Day has finished, you’ll be surprised how quickly you settle into Married life with your new husband. Don’t underestimate the importance of your time as ‘newlyweds’ because the first year of Marriage will be one of challenges, as well as incredible learning experiences.

So, before your first year as husband and wife ends, start tackling this bucket list of things to do together; not only will it reveal things about you as a couple, but it’s also a ton of fun!

1. Find Couple Friends

Before you tied the knot, you probably both had your own set of friends; you’ve got your go-to girlfriends, while your hubby might have his mates; however, once you’re Married, it’s important to find ‘couple’ friends as well. These are Married couples that you can spend time with as a husband and wife and, not only are the great for double dates, but they’ve already experienced their first year of Marriage, so their advice will be gold.

2. Travel Somewhere New

Travelling somewhere new is such a great way to bond with your new hubby. You’ll both be experiencing the sights and sounds together and you’ll be able to see how each other reacts to new adventures, which can be a major learning curve.

3. Find a Common Love

Although it’s important to keep your own individual hobbies, it’s also equally important to find an activity that you both love and can enjoy together. From rock-climbing, busk-walking, dancing or indoor soccer, the possibilities are endless – and bonus points go to a hobby that requires you to work up a sweat (because, we all know what happens when you get those endorphins pumping)!

1Image from Milan and Melissa’s Wedding. Photography by L&M images.

4. Stay Hot

Bear with us here with this one! You’ve both worked so hard in the lead up to the Wedding to get your body in tip-top condition that it can be tempting to ‘let go’ in the first year of Marriage and gorge on every single Tim Tam or burger that you stumble across; we’re all for indulging occasionally, but make sure you keep your health a priority and make an effort to look good for each other – whether it’s you booking in for a weekly pedicure, or him upgrading his gym membership.

5. Cook Up a Storm

Once you’ve tied the knot, it’s time to brush up on your cooking skills and host your first couple’s dinner party. Plan ahead, invite a few friends over and prepare a feast that’ll have everyone talking. You’ll need some serious teamwork to get through the night, but we promise, it’ll be worth it.

6. Continue to Date

Just because you’re both Married, it doesn’t mean you should stop dating each other. Schedule in a weekly or fortnightly ‘date night’ and take it in turns to organise. Although you might not see the benefit of this in the first few months as newlyweds (hello, honeymoon stage), it’s important to start this routine before you become complacent and life throws things like kids, work stressors and family drama in your way.

7. Invest in Something Together

You don’t need to get a joint bank, buy a mansion or scour the stock-market, but you should invest in SOMETHING that will go towards you future during your first year of Marriage. Whether you start a savings account, pay a deposit for a holiday or buy a home, having a common goal will bring you even closer together.

Main image from Teresa and Saul’s Wedding. Photography by Michael Segal Photography.

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