7 things you must know about a Capricorn before dating

So you found yourself a Capricorn guy and you’re keen to be able to understand his nuances? Buckle down, Fairies, because we’re about to decode the ‘decodable’ star sign!

Capricorns are most compatible with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces (they’re all seen in the same element, ‘earth’), but even if your star signs don’t align, fear not, here are seven things to know about your Capricorn boo.

1. They Don’t Open Up Easily

It is difficult to win over a Capricorn because they are sexually strict and will only open up if they think you are right for them. This will not be a problem if you are a Virgo, as you are both in the same headspace. But, if you’re not, be prepared to work for a long time to win him over. However, once you have, he’ll be yours for life.

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2 Family Comes First

Capricorns are faithful and emotionally available, but serious when it comes to relationships. They are also very family-orientated and will probably want to start a family as soon as possible while still focusing on their career. They tend to be fond of family traditions and love participating in them.

3 Hard-Working

Ever heard the phrase ‘nothing good comes easily”? Well, it was definitely (probably, maybe) written by a Capricorn, because this kinda’ guy is someone who works hard for what he wants. Capricorns do not take anything for granted.

4. Success Rate: 100%

You guessed it; Capricorns work methodically and practically to achieve their goals and hate wasting their time.

capricorn, dating a capricorn, marrying a capricorn, capricorn advice

5. Resilience is Key

Capricorns are resilient and can handle most issues that are thrown their way. Even when things get difficult, your Capricorn beau will know how to handle himself AND you. It’s not in his nature to give up easily.

6. Hard on the Outside…

Although they may come across as having nerves of steel, Capricorn have the heart of a teddy bear. They have ans attitude that whenever something is given to you for free, it’s not worth as much, which is why when you are building friendships or relationships with them, it’s important that you put the time and effort into getting to REALLY know them.

7. Authoritative

Let the Capricorn man take charge once in a while, as they tend to be traditionalists who look for a partner who is stable and practical.

capricorn, dating a capricorn, marrying a capricorn, capricorn advice

Images from Rachel and Chad’s wedding. Photography by Golden Touch Productions.

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