7 things that will go wrong on your Wedding day and how to avoid them

As much as we’d love for the Big Day to be absolutely perfect, we have to be prepared for things to go crazy-wrong! These are seven things that can possibly put you in a sticky situation on the day of your wedding – and how to fix them.

Don’t worry, Fairies, we want you to get hitched without a hitch…

1. When the Smudge Doesn’t Budge

With a face full of makeup, eyes rimmed with tears and throw a glorious white dress into the mix… it’s a recipe made for a gruesome stain. We highly recommend a survival kit to get you through this – makeup remover, wet wipes and white chalk are all must-haves.

2. Bug Invasion

If you are having an outdoor Wedding, you may have forgotten about a few uninvited guests that will be crashing the party. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough space for so many legs on the dance floor, so plan ahead! Ensure you have citronella candles, torches or pest-hating flowers at bay to steer the pests away.


3. Oh… You Made it?

And there are the real wedding crashers. We all know those uncertain guests who were invited, said they couldn’t make it, then said they could, then they bailed… then they show up to the reception. That would be fine… if there were the correct amount of seats! In the event of facing an awkward confrontation, ensure you have a few extra seats for the last-minute guests.

4. High Breakpoint

What most people forget is that Brides walk a lot on their Wedding and they do it in heels… underneath a difficult gown. So, here is a pre-warning: the heels can break! A spare pair is always a good idea, or – more comfortably, you can even have flats on standby!

5. Rrrrrip – Rest in Pieces.

In case the Bridal party gets stuck in a dangerous position where garments are at safety’s risk – it’s best to make sure that a sewing kit is always available to save your beautiful clothes!


6. Technological travesty

As much as we love our technology, you have to be ready for the possibility of a glitch in the system and although we’d love the real deal, manually improvising always does the trick. For instance, if your installed fireworks set up for the slow-dance don’t explode – provide each guest member with a sparkler! The atmosphere will be just as intimate, special and unique.

7. Vendors Vanish…?!

Wait. Why isn’t my florist responding? Why hasn’t my stylist set up the reception? Where are they?! Don’t sweat it – sometimes, your professionals go MIA but there’s always time to improv. Your family and friends can work together to fix any sort of dilemma you seem to be stuck in. No DJ? Get your bestie to set up the greatest tunes to dance to. No cake stylist? Your local bakery can whip you up something simple but delicious. There’s always a way to work around what you may think is a disaster!

Images from Chad and Rachel’s Wedding. Photography by Golden Touch Productions.

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