7 Things No One Tells You About Choosing a Wedding Dress

You’re planning your wedding and have decided to dive into the wonderful and fantastical world of wedding dresses. But before you head into all your appointments, read up on the seven important details that no one tells you about when it comes to choosing your dream dress.

1. Ready-to-Wear or Custom-Made?

Chances are you’ve decided on your wedding dress budget, and now need to decide whether you should go for a dress that can be adjusted to you or start from scratch. There are pros and cons to each choice. Ready-to-wear has a much smaller price tag, but requires alterations that are often a hidden cost. It is easily accessible but you have little say on the fabric choice. And not to mention you won’t be the only one with that dress.

On the other hand, custom-made is created especially for you but it can definitely blow your budget. You may have greater input in the design and fabric, but you’ll have very little idea of what the finished product will look like until much later.

2. Know Your Body Shape

When choosing a dress you should definitely shop for your body type. Choose a silhouette that will highlight what you love about your body and conceal your not-so-favourite parts. Figure out which of the five body types you fit in (petite, plus size, busty, hourglass or straight) and then pick a dress that is designed to highlight these body shapes.

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3. Ivory or White… or Every Shade in Between?

Walking into a bridal boutique can be extremely overwhelming. Before choosing a dress decide what shade suits your complexion best. A white dress complements brides with naturally golden or darker skin tones. However, if you are really fair or have yellow undertones a true white can wash you out. But don’t let that discourage your choice. Whether it be white, ivory, pink or even black pick a colour that’ll make you feel confident.

4. Pick a Flattering Neckline

The top of your dress is extremely important, as it’ll be the main feature in most of your wedding pictures. Plus it’ll be the first detail people will notice. When choosing a dress go for a neckline that suits your upper body and flatters your decolletage.

5. Consider the Venue and Your Theme

You want your dress to work with your venue and your theme. You don’t want to choose a massive dress that will be squished and trodden on in a small venue or a long dress that will be destroyed in an outdoor setting. Also, take into consideration your transport to the venue!

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Image via : A Great Gatsby Wedding in Vancouver

6. Fabric Choice

When choosing a wedding dress, choice of fabric is extremely important. A dress can be totally transformed depending on the fabric you choose. Tulle or organza will create a whimsical dress, a duchess satin or silk dress will look more formal and distinguished, a beaded lace can be look great on a vintage-inspired gown and add just the right amount of sparkle. Don’t forget to take into account the price of fabric and discuss such choices with the boutiques designers/consultants.

7. Your Happiness is Most Important

Choose a dress that makes you look and feel confident. This is your big day so pick a dress that is true to your style and have fun!


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