Congrats; he’s put a ring on it! Getting engaged is exciting, but there’s more to it than changing the title from ‘boyfriend’ to ‘fiancé’. Here are seven things we wished we’d been warned about.

1. It Won’t be Like the Movies

If your partner has organised a secret photographer to snap a few pics of the proposal, be warned that you probably won’t look your best. It’s Murphy’s Law that you’ll have pimple and on the day you’ll be overcome by so much emotion, there’ll be mascara running down your cheeks.

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2. You’ll Be Stone Struck

Staring off into space will no longer be a thing after the day of your proposal, staring at your hand will replace that! Your left hand will dominate a majority of your view in the coming time after your proposal; when you pick up a piece of fruit, turning the steering wheel, itching your right arm you name it. Your eye will be glued to the sparkly sheen of your ring!

3. Sore Cheeks For Weeks

Get ready to smile! You are going to recount the story of how you two first met, how he proposed over and over again. The phone will be ringing, people will come up to you at family gatherings, asking how he popped the question. The benefit is that you’ll eventually be able to tell the proposal story in 25 words or less!grin

4. Pinterest Becomes a Hobby

The wedding planning will begin the moment you are alone with your phone. Your first move will be to add all the dressmakers, wedding planners and event stylists on Instagram, and then you’ll download your new wedding planner – Pinterest. Goodbye Facey because pinning will become your likes, and ‘Wedding Ideas’ will be your new newsfeed!

5. You See Your Nail Lady More Than Your Mother

Everyone will be asking to look at the ring, so your mani-game will need to be ‘on’ at all times. You’ll start budgeting for weekly visits to your nail lady and you’ll probably see more of her than you do of your own family. It’s the sacrifice a gal’s got to make…

6. Penny Pincher

Beware: you’re about to become the queen of spend-thrift. Before the ring, you would’ve been happy to splurge on a pair of designer heels, but now you’ll be questioning every single purchase. Supermarket visits will turn into a game of ‘find the best deal’ and ‘eating out’ will become a thing of the past. Fear not, this crazy wedding budgeting won’t be forever.cc

7. It’s the Same, But Better

You’re still the same people, you’re both in the same relationship but somehow it seems better because there’s an extra level of commitment.

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