It’s the trend that everyone’s talking about – big, plump, youthful lips and if you decide that getting lip filler is for, you’ve got to read this.

We spoke to the experts at Corner 32 Dental who specialise in lip fillers for their 7 must-knows.

1. Choose the right filler.

It’s easy to be stuck on brand names without actually understanding what the product is and its pros and cons. Corner 32 Dental uses Princess Filler, which is a ‘monophasic polydensity’ product, – this means less allergy, less bruising and swelling and less lumpiness; so the end result is a more natural appearance a la’ Kylie Jenner! Speak to your doctor and become informed about what product is being injected before you commit.

1Victoria’s Secret lips, anyone?

2. Don’t Overplump

So many of us get so excited about the thought of bigger lips that we tend to overdo it! If it is your first time at lip filler, take the mantra ‘less is more’. Corner 32 Dental say that 1ml of filler is generally enough to create a natural yet fuller look, although sometimes more or even less may be required! Good practitioners will review patients after 2 weeks to make sure they’re happy with the result and if more filler is required, they’ll arrange to have this done. Because of this, Corner 32 Dental suggest that Brides, Bridesmaids and Guests give themselves plenty of time before an event to get their lips filled.

3 Natural is Better

Nothing is worse than a lopsided, lumpy finish; so it’s essential that you choose an expert who’s been trained on lip anatomy. At Corner 32 Dental, the practitioners have all completed years of training related to lip and mouth aesthetics, so whether you want to change the overall shape, or just add some extra fullness to the lips, they can help out.

3Real before and afters from Corner 32 Dental

4. Don’t Smoke

The lips are considered a ‘high traffic zone’. This means that because we use our lips for different activities every day, lip filler will generally only last a few months before a top-up is required. If you are a smoker, you will be using your lips and wearing off the filler a lot faster than non-smokers, so put those butts out.

5. Don’t Forget About the Teeth

There’s no point in having a full, sculpted set of lips without the teeth to match! Before administering lip filler at Corner 32 Dental, the practitioners recommend a full examination, teeth cleaning and fluoride treatment (and even tooth whitening!). After all, if you are going to be drawing attention to your mouth by having fuller lips, then you need to make sure that the whole package is taken care of!

2Scar-Jo slaying the lip game

6. Know Your Pain Level

Injections hurt; so if you’re concerned about the pain make sure you opt for a practitioner who uses anaesthetic, like Corner 32 Dental. Remember, the less you squirm from pain, the better the results; so, get numb!

7. Keep Them Primed

Now that you’ve been given the perfect Kylie Jenner lips, it’s time to keep them in prime condition. Don’t rub or massage your lips for 8 hours after your treatment and avoid applying makeup (as this can irritate and misshape them). You may experience bruising and swelling over the coming days, but don’t stress; this won’t last! Two weeks after the treatment, your lips will settle, but if you have any questions, be sure to ask your doctor.

4Real before and afters from Corner 32 Dental

Corner 32 Dental is a modern dental clinic offering all the latest technologies in dentistry, along with cosmetic injectables and dermal fillers. From general cleans and check-ups to complete teeth and facial makeovers, Corner 32 Dental is a must-see pre-wedding.

Kylie Jenner images sourced from Cosmo UK.

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