Marriage is a huge commitment and never something to take lightly. To be able to say ‘I Do’ and really mean it, you need to have a certain level of maturity and there are a few ‘teenage’ traits that you need to move away from if you’re serious about settling down.

Here are seven signs you might not be ready.

1. You Tell Porkers

We’re all guilty of telling little white lies, but if you find yourself compulsively telling porkers for no good reason, you might not be ready for a serious relationship. A Marriage needs to be based on an open and honest foundation, so start ‘fessing up.

2. You’re Selfish

It’s great to be self-aware, but if you’re still in the ‘selfish’ stage of growing up, where the world revolves around you, there’s going to be issues when you get Married. Marriage is about putting your partner’s needs ahead of your own, so you need to say goodbye to the ‘all about me’ phase and hello to the ‘let’s work together’ phase.

3. You Put Your Girls Before Your Guy

It’s true that at the start of a relationship, you shouldn’t put your new boyfriend before your sisters-in-crime, but as a mature relationship evolves, your partner (and future Groom) should always come first.

4. You’re Jealous

If your future hubby can’t have a night out without you snooping through his text messages and social media posts the morning after, there’s an issue. For a Marriage to work, you’ve got to trust each other.


5. You’re Not Independent

Even though you’re getting Married, you’ve got to be able to keep a level of independence to ensure you have a health relationship with your beau. Try to keep your own hobbies and never give up on the occasional girls’ night!

6. You Don’t Know What You Want

If you still aren’t sure of what you want in life, it’s a sign you probably shouldn’t tie the knot, because what happens in five years’ time when you decide you never want to have kids, but your hubby has always wanted to start a family?

7. You’re Lazy

Marriage requires constant work, so if you’re too lazy to put effort into maintaining and growing a relationship every single day for the rest of your life, you might not be ready to take your vows.

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