Although Weddings are all about the ‘I Dos’, there are some clear traditions that you should say ‘I Don’t to in 2016. Gone are the days of the squeaky organ music, stuffy ceremonies, traditional vows and awkward posed photos. This year, embrace your inner rebel and break these old school rules.

1. The Garter Throw

If the thought of your new husband searching up your dress for some lace-covered elastic that’s been cutting off your circulation for the day makes you queasy, then feel free to skip this one.

2. Something Borrowed, Something Blue

We adore the sentiment in this tradition, but if you can’t find something blue, or something borrowed that has real meaning, then don’t bother. The point of this tradition is to incorporate little things that have history and evoke memories for you on the Big Day. If all you’ve got is a stained hanky from your distant relative, don’t feel obliged to use it.

3. Overseas Honeymoons

If you can’t take the time to travel overseas; fear not. It’s time for a stay-cation! You and your husband can take advantage of your home-town or closest capital city and become tourists for the weekend, eat at places you’ve never tried, play board games and have a picnic.

1Image from Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

4. Even Bridal Parties

In the past, we’ve been encouraged to have an even number of Bridesmaids to Groomsmen, but there’s no reason you have to abide by it. If your hubby has two close friends and you have five, it’s no big deal. Be bold and break tradition, otherwise you’ll regret making your Fiancé pick extra Groomsmen, or you having to drop a few of your closet gal pals from the Bridemsaid list.

5. Saving Cake For the Birth of Your First Baby

Let’s get real; lots of us aren’t looking to start a family straight away – and cake isn’t made to be stored in the freezer for 10 years (#FoodPoisoning). On the Wedding Day, have your cake and eat it too.

6. Matchy Match ‘Maids

It’s highly unlikely that all of your Bridesmaids have the exact same colouring and body shape, so why make them wear the exact same dress? Break the ‘match-matchy’ rule and instead give them a colour or palette so that they can choose their own.

2Gowns by Goddess by Nature.

7. The Floor-Length Gown

Trust me; this will be the year of the ankle flash. Take a leaf out of Whitney Port’s Wedding and opt for a shoe-showing 7/8 length. It’s uber chic and is guaranteed to be a talking point.

8. The Cake Feeding

After spending two hours in makeup and getting your brows on ‘fleek, the last thing you need is for your Groom to shove cake all over your face.

9. Traditional Gift Registry

It’s not often that one shop has everything that you want to include on your gift registry; so opt instead for a modern registry that has products, homewares and accessories sourced from shops all around the world. We’ve even heard of a Bride including a designer handbag that she’s been lusting over for years on her registry! Guests would much rather buy you something that you really want, opposed to another steak knife.

Main image from Mira and Wissam’s wedding. Photography by Reymond Yazbeck

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