7 rules of taking your wedding to social media

In today’s social media-guided society, an event isn’t truly an event until it’s shared via every social channel. No event is more epic in the social media realm than a wedding.

From the moment that “Yes!” is exclaimed, the shares begin. Engagement rings are displayed to the world of online friends with flawless engagement ring selfies. The story of the engagement is documented in detail—and in pictures—over Facebook, Twitter and, of course, Instagram.

Friends want to know all the juicy tidbits of the upcoming nuptials. The dress! The reception! The music! All the details have to be documented, shared, liked and shared some more!

Or do they?

Planning a wedding is an exciting and exhilarating time for couples. However, Wedding planning also offers up a fair amount of stress. Not all details of the Wedding ceremony or the reception should be shared.

Most adults have hundreds of Facebook friends, and while it is easy to weed out who receives what information, sometimes Facebook posts can get a little tricky. A seemingly private post can be shared by other friends. Secrets or surprises of a ceremony can end up very public.

When incorporating social media into the Wedding planning and the Wedding itself, be prepared to set limits. Not sure what to share and what to keep under wraps? Keep these guidelines in mind when in doubt about over sharing:
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1. Think of guests who aren’t on the invite list.

Making very public announcements about the wedding and posting them on social media channels, might make some friends feel that they should expect an invite. Instead of sifting out those who won’t be invited, set up a wedding web site and send the link to only those who will be invited to the big event.

2. Be vague about the little details.

Sharing all the juicy details about the big day seems so enticing. However, sharing everything about the event will spoil the allure of the excitement for guests. Be vague in the details. Share that there will be a vegetarian meal option for guests or that beef and chicken will be served, but don’t share the whole menu! Post about the bakery selected to design the Wedding cake, but don’t give out details of the cake.

3. Never post pictures of THE DRESS!

A Wedding dress is the biggest surprise for guests. The dress is part of the main event, so never share a picture of the dress. Instead, include funny pictures of dresses that weren’t chosen as a nod to a dress hunt.

4. Communicate photo restrictions to guests.

From the beginning, decide if guests will be allowed to take pictures. Almost everyone owns a cell phone with a camera, and hundreds of flashes during the ceremony can be very distracting. Telling guests to keep shutters closed during the ceremony can ward off any unwanted surprise photo ops. Some couples encourage photos during the reception as a way to grab a few extra candid shots. Set up a site where guests can upload and share photos.

5. Do not post Wedding registries on social media.

Etiquette dictates that word of mouth is the way to share registry information, not social media. If guests wish to contribute financially, they should make an inquiry…they should never be sent a fundraising link via Facebook.

6. Respect copyrights of the photographer

Never post professional photographs on social media without the written consent of the photographer.

7. Use common sense before posting embarrassing videos or photos

Weddings can offer up the greatest bloopers and funniest antics, especially when alcohol is involved. However, that video of Great Uncle Russ drunkenly dancing the Running Man should be left out of the online shares. Be kind and always be respectful before posting any item to social media. The internet is forever.

Social media has changed the way many couples plan and share their Wedding details. However, too much information can go a long way in the tangled world wide web. Be joyful about the big day and keep guests up-to-date on details, but be cautious about over sharing…some details may end up more public than private.

rules social media wedding, social media wedding, social media wedding etiquette

Written by contributor, Naomi Shaw.

Naomi Shaw is a freelance writer from Southern California. She loves writing about home decor and education. When she’s not writing, she loves to spend time with her husband and three children.


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