7 reasons why you desperately need a Wedding planner

Ever since you were a little girl, you have always wanted to plan your own Wedding, after all, who knows you and your fiancé better than you? And what could be more fun than trying on extravagant Wedding dresses, taste-testing delicious menus, looking at grand venues and choosing pretty flowers?

It is every girl’s dream… right?

Until the moment you realise it is not yours.

Your daily conversations with your fiancé have gone from ‘How was your day?’ to ‘Do you prefer white or peach for the bouquets?’ and you have traded your relaxing weekends for action-packed Wedding planning missions.

Your head is spinning and so is your fiance’s.

Suddenly, the thought of hiring a Wedding planner is a spectacular option.

So, how do you justify paying someone to plan your dream Wedding? We have compiled seven of the best reasons why hiring a Wedding planner will be worth every cent (we promise).

1. You Are Overwhelmed By How Much Work Goes Into Planning A Wedding

Wedding planning does not need to be a stressful experience. Whether you choose to be engaged for a long or a short time, you should be able to bask in all the glory that comes with being engaged. This means not letting your inner stressed-and-sleep-deprived-Bridezilla make an entrance. Hire a Wedding planner to worry about all the deets to do with your big day and get back to enjoying the amazing engagement period with your man.


2. Your Dream Wedding Does Not Quite Fit Your Budget

Everyone knows that Weddings can cost a bomb and that money does not grow on trees. What a good Wedding planner does is ensure that you stay within your budget but still get the Wedding that you have always dreamed of. They will know roughly how much your Wedding will cost, how much you should spend on certain things, how far in advance you need to book specific products and services (like venues) and they’ll keep a track of payments due, so you do not forget.

3. You and Your Other Half Already Have Demanding Full-Time Jobs

Do not underestimate the time that planning a Wedding will take, especially when you and your partner already have full-time jobs and little to no experience in the area. A Wedding planner will act as your very own assistant who’s dedicated to making your dream Wedding come alive.


4 You Are Meant To Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Your Wedding day is meant to be the happiest day of your life and you can ensure that it is by employing a Wedding planner. They will discretely look after all of the Wedding day dramas involving your suppliers and Bridal party (because there will be some!) so that you can focus on the most important thing: not tripping down the aisle Marrying your best friend.

5. You Need Help Managing Your Family and Friends

Your family and friends will all have very conflicting views on what you should and should not do at your Wedding and pleasing them will be no easy feat. A good Wedding planner can provide you with expert advice on how you can manage the expectations of your nearest and dearest, so that you can have the Wedding that you truly deserve.


6. You Are Planning a Destination Wedding

This is a no-brainer, right? Planning a Wedding in another destination is a very difficult task (especially when you can’t speak the language and don’t know anybody who lives there!). Why don’t you hire a Wedding Planner; someone who has experience with destination Weddings to make your life easier? They will most likely know suppliers that you can use and if they don’t, they’ll be able to direct you to someone else who does!

7. Your Friends Do Not Want To Hang Out With You Anymore

Even though true friends will love you through thick and thin, most people are going to get bored of your friendship if all you talk about is how stressed you are about your Wedding for twelve long months. Hiring a Wedding planner could be the best investment you make as someone is paid to listen to all of your Wedding talk.


Images from Khalia and Nicholas’ Wedding. Photography by Belle Photography.

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