If you consider yourself a bit of a Disney princess, then you must check out these enchanting real-life locations that inspired all of our favourite classic fairy-tale movies.

For the real Disney fan girls, consider having your wedding or honeymoon at one of the locations – you can make all your childhood dreams come true!

1. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle aka Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria

The opulent castle that was the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s home was inspired by this Bavarian version!sleepingbeauty

Images from Disney and paparountas

2. Tangled’s Kingdom of Corona aka Mont Saint-Michel, France

The island castle surrounded by the crystal blue sea can be seen in real-life in Normandy, France.tangled

Images from Disney and PEC Photo

3. The Little Mermaid’s Castle aka Château de Chillon, Switzerland

The Little Mermaid’s prince charming, Prince Eric resides in a castle overlooking Ariel’s underwater sanctuary. This particular Disney classic is inspired by the island castle on Lake Geneva, Château de Chillon.3mermaid

Images from Disney and Elfi Kluck

4. Snow White’s Castle aka Segovia Castle, Spain

Snow White’s castle, owned by her cruel stepmother is as awe-inspiring as it is daunting and it was inspired by Segovia Castle in Spain, which is regularly covered in snow and sits above two rivers in the Guadarrama Mountains.snowwhite

Images from Disney and Fernando de Antonio

5. Beauty and the Beast’s Castle aka Château De Chambord, France

One of my personal favourites, Belle’s eventual home and the Beast’s full-time residence is a baroque castle inspired by France’s Château De Chambordbelle3

Images from Disney and Sylvain Sonnet

6. Aladdin’s Palace aka Taj Mahal, India

Princess Jasmine’s exotic home in the classic Aladdin is a Sultan’s Palace inspired by the infamous Taj Mahal in India.aladdin

Images from Disney and Razvan Ciuca

7. The Hunchback of Notre Dame’s home aka Notre Dame Cathedral, France

This entire movie was based in Paris and the Notre Dame Cathedral is an iconic location for a wedding. Renowned for its Gothic architecture, it took almost 200 years to build!hunchback of notre

Images from Disney and Stéphane Briand

Main image from PEC Photo

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