Honeymoons are all about romance, relaxation and the Instagram moments and to get the perfect honeymoon pics, you need the perfect backdrop.

Enter Club Med’s Finolhu Villas, a small island of 52 luxury villas that has become the one-stop celebrity haunt. From snapping the two of you enjoying your own private plunge pool or feasting on the decadent menu of fresh seafood and endless cocktails, you’ll need no photoshopping for these must-have pics!

1. The Sunset Shot

Nothing beats a tropical sunset with its combination of neon orange and pinks against the azure water. You get extra points if you can include a palm tree or your hubby in the foreground.


Images from @smilewithjeryl | @smilewithjeryl | @smilewithjeryl | @rachwinwong

 2. The Location Shot

When you have over-water restaurants, gyms with a view and deck chairs that look straight out of a magazine, you need to take advantage of them. Club Med Finolhu Villas provides ample opportunity to get a killer location pic (especially with their glass-floor spa).


Images from @harperandharley | @weddedwonderland | @koyrachwinfanclub | @clubmedfinolhu

3. The Swimsuit Shot

Honey, you’ve worked hard for that bride-body, so the honeymoon is a great time to show it off. With your own private plunge pool, outside bath and sun deck, Finolhu Villas will leave you spoiled for choice when it comes to backdrops.swimmers

Images from @harperandharley | @maenalinthon | @weddedwonderland | @smilewithjeryl

4. The Foodie Shot

The Motu at Club Med Finolhu Villas is a fine dining restaurant that sits atop the ocean and provides three course meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner – this means there’s hundreds of dishes to snap!foodie

Images from @lady_uzine | @faliqfahmie | @smashpop | @faliqfahmie

5. The Ocean Shot

If you’re surrounded by bluer than blue water, take advantage of the #NoFilter hashtag and upload as many pics as you can.ocean

Images from @apairandaspare | @weddedwonderland | @apairandaspare | @leotomatic

6. The After-Dark Shot

Think you can only take great photos during the day? Think again. Twilight and evening are a great time to get some amazing pics of the stars.after-dark

Images from @smilewithjeryl | @multifolds | @ericchenrr | @smilewithjeryl

7. The Accessories Shot

This ‘humble brag’ pic is just made for Instagram. Pick a few of your most prized holiday possessions (sunglasses, hats, laptop and lip-gloss) and use the exotic backdrop for an impromptu flatlay.accessories

Images from @maenalinthon | @multifolds | @apairandaspare | @apairandaspare

Club Med Finolhu Villas is an exclusive destination constructed with privacy and romance in mind. Set on a 5-acre island, the 52 villas provide the perfect balance between modern luxury and the natural charm of the Maldives.

Main image from Wedded Wonderland. All image credits are clockwise from the top left.


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