Moving into your first home after Marriage is a big deal and it’s so important to make sure it’s a comfortable, stylish space that both you and your new husband can turn into a family home.

We sat down with internationally-renowned stylist, Steve Cordony to get his seven newlywed styling tips, so you can start prepping both your Kitchen Tea and Wedding registry (and won’t have any gift regrets!).


1. Keep it Simple

It’s the oldest trick in the book, but it works. Start with a neutral palette and build your room from there, adding accents of your favourite colour and metallics to layer.

2. Flowers and Greenery Always Finish Off a Space

Greenery such as succulents, foliage and indoor plants last longer than fresh-cut flowers and are less expensive.

3. Find a Hero

When building a space, decide what is the ‘hero’ in the room – an artwork, a rug or a great sculpture. Layer and build your room around this piece and the rest will come.


4. Colour Carefully

When playing with colour, always stick to colour families that complement each other such as blue and green, orange and navy, red and pink.

5. Styling Makes all the Difference.

Once you have your core pieces in the space i.e. sofa, armchairs, rugs etc. think about books and trays for the coffee tables, scented candles and decorative accessories to really complete your space.

6. Don’t Underestimate the Light

Lighting is so important. It determines the mood of your space and therefore an emotive response.

7. Don’t be Scared!

You can always move things around after they are in position or loan smaller items from stores before you make your purchase.


Steve Cordony is an internationally-renowned stylist based in Sydney, as well as the Director at Large of interior design magazine, Belle. With clients including Lancome, Ralph Lauren, Waterford and Georg Jensen, his knowledge is extensive and his events and workshops are regularly sold out.

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