We’ve all heard horror stories of rude bridezillas, but if the guests expect common courtesy from the wedding hosts, they’ve got to heed their own set of etiquette rules.

Here is the Wedded Wonderland version of the modern-day wedding rules…specifically for the guest.


Don’t leave it until the day of the RSVP to get back to the couple. It’s courtesy to let them know of your attendance as soon as you confirm your plans. If you can’t make an appearance at the wedding, let them know why. Honesty is <generally> the best policy.

2. Unspoken Rules of Dressing

Everyone has heard the rule ‘never wear white to a wedding’, but these days, it’s not so strict. If you are opting for a white or cream dress, make sure it doesn’t look remotely bridal; it’s even better if it has a light print. Any wedding after 6pm and you should be wearing cocktail attire.

3. The Gifting Rule

Pay attention to the gifting details on the invitation, whether it’s to go through a gift registry or pop cash into a wishing well. Be respectful of the requests of the couple and if they’ve asked for money, don’t both buying them a toaster. If the invite says ‘no presents needed’, we still recommend purchasing something small and thoughtful – champagne and massage vouchers are always a fool-proof idea.

4. It’s Not 1st Date Night

This rule is quite simple, yet so many guests get it wrong. If the invitation says <your name + 1> , you are free to bring a date. If there’s no +1, don’t. The same goes for children; unless the invite clearly says that kids are welcome, hire a babysitter.

5. Don’t Be Fashionable Late

We don’t care how great your dress/hair/makeup is, this is not the time to show up fashionably late and make a show-stopping entrance. Weddings are one of the only occasions you should early to. There’s nothing worse than trying to dodge the bride as she walks down the aisle.

6. Don’t Be the Paparazzi

The couple have hired professional photographers, so there’s no need to sneak around the church trying to get the best photo for Instagram.

7. Exes are Exes For a Reason

We don’t care how funny the story is, never bring up a bride or groom’s past flame at the wedding. Whether it’s in a speech, or just in general table talk, steer clear of any mentions of the dreaded Ex.

Main image from Storm and Xerxes’ wedding. Photography by Terralogical.

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