So, next time you hear one of these Marriage lies, don’t worry your pretty little head over it – in fact, call them out and let them know that it’s a fallacy.

1. You Need to Get Married Before 30

This doozy has been thrown around for as long as we can remember. It’s like 30 is a magic number and the moment a single woman reaches that age, it’s all over. Relax girls, a survey by Good Housekeeping found that woman over 40 have the best sex of their lives, so you aren’t even close to peaking yet!

2. You Can’t Juggle a Husband, Work and Babies

The mindset that a woman can’t have a successful Marriage, be a great mum and have a #BossLady career is so dated. Just because you’re a Mrs, it doesn’t mean you have to put your job goals on hold. There’s so much support available from your hubby, parents and some great childcare facilities, that you can achieve your career dreams too.

3. You Need to Have an Expensive Wedding For a Successful Marriage

This is a major lie; in fact research has found that there’s a link between expensive Engagement rings and Weddings and a rise in divorce rates. This might explain the amount of Hollywood Marriages that break up…

4. Marriage is Easy

Nope. Marriage is really hard work. As humans we are inherently selfish, but for a Marriage to work, we need to go against our natural instinct and put the other one first, every single day. It’s tough, but it’s also the most rewarding partnership you’ll ever have.

1Image from Victoria and Samuel’s Wedding. Photography by Sottu Photography.

5. Being Married Will Mean I’m Not Attracted to Anyone Else

It doesn’t matter how much you love your husband, you’ll still find other people attractive – and there’s nothing wrong with that. You can appreciate another’s beauty, but you shouldn’t be tempted by it.

6. Marriage is 50/50

Sometimes Marriage is 99/1 and sometimes it’s 50/50, it’s always going to change depending on the situation. You might find that you’ve had a huge fight with your best friend, so your husband will step up and provide you with extra support and comfort during that time. Alternatively, maybe your hubby is having a stressful time at work, so you help pick up the pieces. It’s a never-ending balancing act.

7. I’ll Lose Independence with Marriage

You should never lose your own identity, Married or not. It’s so important to continue to have time away from each other, whether it’s a girl’s night with your best friends, or even a trip to the movies by yourself. Don’t let go of hobbies and past times just because your husband doesn’t enjoy them; instead use them as an opportunity to enjoy your own company.

Main image from Lauren and Luke’s Wedding. Photography by Studio Impressions.

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