August Brides can breathe a sigh of relief; Just because you’re getting Married during the Australian winter, it doesn’t mean you’re have to be limited when it comes to picking from an array of stunning, colourful and in-season flowers for your bouquet!

Sticking to in-season blooms can save you money and it means you’ll have the freshest floral produce to choose from, so take our advice and consider these gorgeous August-ready flowers.

1. Camellias

The Camellia is known as the ‘Queen of Winter Flowers’ and it’s no surprise why. These big, waxy and full blooms come in a rainbow of romantic colours, including white, crimson, pink, coral and watermelon. This flower is also the signature of the classic Mademoiselle Coco Chanel perfume, making it a timeless and elegant option for August Brides.

1      Photography by Ashleigh Jayne.

2. Ranunculas

Ranunculas are one of the trendiest flowers of the year, with their full rounded heads featuring folds upon folds of petals. These blooms come in white, pink, purple and plum, as well as a two-toned look.

2Photography by Heather Bliss.

3. Hyacinth

This small cluster of flowers are renowned for their gorgeous sweet scent and beautiful white, pink, orange, blue or violet colour.

3Image from Tribal Rose Flowers.

4. Sweet Peas

The sweet pea symbolises ‘blissful pleasure’ and has a lolly-like scent paired with ruched blossoms. These are an old-fashion favourite for Wedding bouquets and come in pink, white and lilac.

4Photography by Kate Crabtree Photography.

5. Hellebores

This is a star-shaped flower with petals surrounding a raised-bud which can be found in light green tones and deep burgundy or violet shades. Pair the Hellebore with lilacs or roses for a whimsical, romantic looking bouquet!

5Image from Elizabeth Anne Designs.

6. Cherry Blossoms

These flowers let us know that spring is on the way with their delicate pink, fuchsia and blush-coloured petals. These blooms are the floral symbol of Japan and can give your Wedding a pretty, oriental feel. Representing love, affection and good fortune, Cherry Blossoms can be used as part of a huge statement floral arrangement, or as accents to smaller bouquets.

cherry mainImage from Martha Stewart.

7. Daphnes

In Greek mythology, Daphne was the female nymph who stole the heart of the god Apollo and, because of this, she was turned into a delicate, petite flower to protect her from his advances. The Daphne is a cluster of tiny pink blossoms with yellow centres and, because they aren’t one of the most common flowers to use in a bouquet, they’re guaranteed to set your Wedding apart!

7Image from Springwell Gardens.

Main image from Parisa and Hryer’s Wedding. Photography by Duke Photography.

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