Having your Wedding in winter means that there’s a few extra factors that need to be thought about in the planning process. However, with these seven handy tips, you’ll be victorious against the obstacles that the cold has in store for you as a Bride!

1. All Aboard!

Chances are, your ceremony and reception aren’t next door to each other, so your guests would really appreciate this one. Providing a shuttle bus for your wedding guests is a great way to elevate your to ‘Best Bride in the World’, especially if the temperature drops to a whopping low.

2. Layer It Up

If you and your Groom are expecting to feel the chill, don’t be afraid to accommodate your dress code to suit the temperature. Brides, opt for a mini fur coat to look all the more glamorous. And Grooms, we haven’t forgotten about you – sporting a double-breasted coat over the tuxedo will give you an ethereal charm.

3. Ella, Ella, Ella

Winter means more chance of waterworks, so make sure you’re prepared to shield yourselves with an umbrella when bracing the outdoors. It would also be a great convenience to have a few spares for the unlucky guest members.

4. Anything For Your Highness

Brides, your heels should be conserved, guarded and loved. In the event of rain, we simply cannot let you get stuck in the mud. Invest in high-heel protectors that will give your foot some more support!

5. Don’t Flake Out

Dry skin and dry lips are always irritating to have, let alone on your Wedding day. Be sure to exfoliate and moisturise constantly during the lead-up and ensure your make-up artist has got your face all sorted to brave the cold.

6. Drinks on us

As nice as the good ole cold one might be, mix up your bar to serve hot beverages to comfort the warm tongue. Get creative with customisable drinks – add in marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, chocolate powder… and of course, the alcohol mixers.

7. We gLOVE it

There’s nothing better than looking chic and keeping warm at the same time. Sporting a pair of white gloves will surely grant you the title of the ultimate Wedded Winter Princess, all while keeping all ten fingers intact.

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