7 Bucketlist Ideas to Do With Your Bridesmaids Before the Wedding

Marriage changes things for a friendship circle. It can bring you closer to your best girlfriends, but it also marks the end of your ‘bachelorette’ era. Before you say ‘I do’ for life, here are seven things you and your bridesmaids need to do. The ultimate friendship bucket list.

1. Have a Pillow Fight

Ask any guy what girls do at a sleepover party and he’ll go all dreamy-eyed and say ‘pyjama pillow fights’. Pillow fights are the ultimate girlie stereotype and if you haven’t gathered your besties, stripped down to your PJs, jumped on the bed and battled for the title of Pillow Fight Queen, you haven’t lived. Trust us, it’s a whole lotta fun.4

2. Take a Road Trip

Get a car-full of bridesmaids, put the iPod on shuffle and take a weekend road trip. The destination isn’t important, but the car-karaoke, the never-ending chocolate supply and the impromptu Instagram photos are.\


3. Buy Friendship Necklaces

You know those love heart necklaces you bought for your best friend in primary school? Go nostalgic and get matching necklaces for your bridesmaids. Engrave a message on the back for each of your girls and promise to wear them regularly. Every time you put in on, you’ll remember each other.

4. Start a Routine

When you get married, you’ll probably be in a love bubble with your new hubby for a few months and might forget about your other +1s – your friends! Start a routine now with weekly or fortnightly catch-ups, whether it be dinner or brunch dates; that way, you’ll be less likely to lose touch after the wedding.1

5. Have a Photoshoot

We’ve all done mini photoshoots with our phones, however arranging a friendship shoot with a professional photographer is not only loads of fun, but it will leave you and your bridesmaids with lasting memories.


Image from Sivan and Paul’s wedding. Photography by Adonis Kekidakis.

6. Write a Love Letter

Put pen to paper and write each of your bridesmaids a letter, talking about what they mean to you, what you love about them and reminiscing on some of your funniest moments together. Put it in a time capsule or mark it with a date two years in the future and promise to meet up and open the letters together.

7. Take on the Dancefloor

With marriage comes responsibility and sometimes that means you won’t be able to have dance floor benders. Before you get hitched, gather your girls, head to a club where the tunes rock and burn up the dance floor. The only rule is that you can’t stop moving until the sun rises.


Main image from Natalie and Arthur’s wedding. Photography by Shayben Moussa, Siempre

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