Being a Bridesmaid is a huge commitment, so before you say yes to your sister, bestie or cousin, you should know what you’re in for.

Here are seven truths that Bridesmaids should know before they become the #1 sidekick.

1. You’re Being Relied On

If you’re a Bridesmaid, you need to realise that the Bride is going to rely on you – regularly. This means you can’t forget to pick up the Wedding invites or be late to the dress fittings.

2. Your Phone Will Be LIFE

Communication is everything when it comes to the Wedding, so be prepared to be permanently stuck to your phone. Email and WhatsApp groups will be the best way to stay updated on the latest Bridesmaid gown options, appointments and any dilemmas.

3. Shopping is Your New Weekend Activity

Remember when you had weekends free to yourself watching entire seasons of Girls and eating Ben & Jerry’s from the tub? Those days are over. Shopping for dresses, accessories, tableware and décor will become your new go-to activity.

4. You’ll Probably Be Organising a Party or Two

One of the duties of a ‘Maid is to coordinate the Bridal Shower, Kitchen Tea and Hen’s Night. Leading up to the Wedding, pay extra attention so you can pick up any hints the Bride might drop about the theme or activities. Bear in mind, these events are for the Bride, not you, so although you might want a night dancing in the city, she might prefer a quiet high tea.

5. Speeches!

As a Bridesmaid, there’s a good chance you’ll have to make a speech on the Wedding day. If you’re nervous about the thought of taking the stage, ask the Bride if you can have one of the other ‘Maids join you for a joint speech. The key with the Wedding day speech is to plan ahead.

6. You’ll Be Doubling as a Psychologist

Over the coming months, Bridesmaids need to understand that they’ll be the Bride’s main support system. She’ll be stressed, overwhelmed and will probably be calling you at strange hours to vent. Be a listening ear and offer to help whenever you can.

7. You’re Not a Lone Rider

Remember that you’re probably not going to be the only Bridesmaid, so if things get too much, you can always talk to the other ‘Maids to get help.

Main image from Amanda and Anthony’s wedding. Photography by Image Haus.

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