7 annoying things people say to you when you’re getting Married

The moment you get a ring on your finger, you’ll start being told countless old wives’ tales, given strange suggestions and asked some seriously awkward personal questions.

If you’re not prepared, it can lead to uncomfortable situations, so to help you out, we’ve spoken to Brides to find out what to expect when you’re expecting… a Wedding!

1. You Really Should <Insert Wedding Tradition>

Wear a veil, get Married in a church, have ‘something blue’ – whatever tradition it is, if you’re not into it, don’t do it.

2. You’ve Picked Your Wedding Dress? Can I See a Photo?

This will be the only piece of clothing you buy that LITERALLY everybody wants to see a photo of (like, why don’t you want to see a photo of the killer blazer I got for 80% off at last week’s sample sale!?). This question is especially awkward when you’re hoping to keep your dress a secret until the Big Day, so our advice is to be honest and say that you want to surprise them at the Wedding.

3. Are You Going on a Bride Diet?

Yep: at no other point in your life will anyone dare comment on your weight or shape until you’re getting Married. Feel free to say ‘no’ while reaching for another cronut.

4. What’s You Budget?

This question is bound to be loaded with judgement – if you’re spending a lot, they’ll judge you and if you’re not spending enough, they’ll judge you. You can’t win.

PicMonkey Collage

5. Who Are Your Bridesmaids?

If they have to ask, it’s clearly not them.

6. I Can’t Wait for My Invite

Hmmm. You can only use the ‘it must’ve been lost in the mail’ excuse for so long. If they’re not invited, it’s time to ‘fess up.

7. Are You Planning on Starting a Family Straight Away?

The obvious answer is ‘yes’, because isn’t getting Married to someone starting a new family with them? It’s hard to avoid an eye roll with this question, but stay strong, Fairies.

Main image from Chris and Fiona’s Wedding Shoot. Photography by  Lost in Love.

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