6 Wedding Planners’ Thoughts On The Royal Wedding

It seemed like everyone had an opinion on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding. You only have to search the internet for two seconds to see both the praise and criticism.

But what did the professionals think about the most talked about wedding of the year? Wedded Wonderland asked some of Australia’s top wedding planners for their favourite moments, what they would change and how brides can incorporate royal flair into their own weddings.

Here’s what they had to say (pro tip: they LOVED the flowers).

Fiona Dundas – Couture Wedding Planning

“One of my favourite moments was when we got a sneak peak of Meghan leaving Cliveden on her way Windsor Castle. My second favourite moment was when little princess Charlotte waved at the crowd as she arrived.”

“We just loved their simple wedding cake – I think there will be a surge in buttercream style cakes in the coming months.”

“For brides, we’d suggest you use greenery in your floral installations to make your flower budget stretch – this way you get more volume for your money! We just loved all the floral installations at the royal wedding and their real garden feel.”

Benita Kam – BNT Management

“I loved the moment Meghan walked down the aisle; so gracefully and with such elegance with the children behind her – and the dignity and grace of her mother was something I will never forget. Another highlight would have to be the performance of “Stand By Me” by the Kingdom Choir – a definite symbolism of the bride and groom’s shift toward a more modern royalty.”

“The best thing about the wedding for me and an element I always feel should be a focus for all weddings is that a bride must be true to herself; with the wedding being an extension and expression of the bride and groom as individuals and as a couple in their personal life and love. They really made the entire day unique to the two of them, making it totally different to Royal Weddings of the past.”

Noel Nassar – Noel Nassar Events

“It was beautiful watching the page boys lift her stunning 5-metre train which, might I add, was simply gorgeous. I loved the trim of the veil made from hand-embroidered flowers in silk threads and organza. It was delicate and dainty.

“I did love her understated make-up and the imperfections with her hair. She’s a natural beauty and she really did shine on the day regardless of perhaps not meeting everyone’s expectations.”

“Whilst I loved the simple yet modern style of her gown, if I was the planner I would have definitely been at her final fitting and would have requested that the designer take in the arms and waist as I just felt it was not as flattering as it could have been.”

Danielle White – White + White Wedding and Events

“The amazing cellist Sheku Kanne-Mason took our breath away. What an incredible talent for such a young age. He filled what is typically a lull in the proceedings, waiting for the official documents to be signed, and transformed it into one of the most memorable moments of the wedding.”

“Styling-wise, we thought the grand floral walls of lush greenery and delicate white blooms were absolutely incredible and such a beautiful way to dress the majestic Cathedral.”

Philip Carr and Associates

“The wedding and ceremony felt very inclusive of the whole world.”

“…it was great to see a dress without lace and beads as well as one strong element of decor with the flowers. The event was an example of not showing everything you have thought of and rather having a strong statement carrying through.”

Alysia Bridger – Celebrations by Alysia

“We absolutely loved Meghan’s stunning Givenchy dress and her incredible 4.5m veil embroidered with flowers of the Commonwealth.”

“The jaw dropping floral design from Philippa Craddock we absolutely loved along the chapel stairs, the incredible entrance design and throughout the Chapel. Of course, when Harry saw his beautiful bride and their beautiful smiles to each other and how they looked at each other for the first time was a beautiful moment.”

Written by Sarah Mourtos

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