6 Wedding Disasters to Avoid at All Costs

Someone old and wise once said, the best way to ‘disaster-proof’ your wedding is to assume that everything will go wrong and have a Plan B.

To give you a heads-up on some of the possible disasters, we’ve rounded six unexpected wedding crises that may (and have) happened, along with our tips on how to handle them like a pro (without ruining your mascara)!

1. Dirty difficulties

Whether, Mother Nature decided to rain on your parade or your overly affectionate aunt leaned in for a hug and smudged her big red lips on your pearly white dress, there’s bound to be a dirty disaster or two during your big day.

Wet wipes are a must-have and dish detergent works wonders when you don’t have access to a dry cleaner. Most stains will loosen if you dampen the area and pat it in feathered motions. Make sure you pat – don’t rub! White chalk and baby powder are also clever cover ups, so stock up, ladies.


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2. Delayed delivery

What’s a matrimonial ceremony without the exchanging of the rings while saying ‘I do’?

Forgetting the rings is a common mistake, so don’t increase the odds by leaving the responsibility with someone who can’t remember what they ate for breakfast!

Whoever you choose for the role, make sure they have the rings before they leave with a quick phone call. There’s nothing more awkward than the ring bearer walking down the aisle and not delivering.


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3. Hair tragedy

So, you specifically asked for a textured up-do, but your hairstylist gave you a sleek, pinned-up sock bun.

Beauty and hair mishaps can be devastating and ruin your mood so if you want to avoid disappointment, a pre-wedding hair and makeup trial is essential! Make sure you’re fully satisfied with the look and ask the stylist to replicate the trial for your wedding.


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4. Who wore it better?

A little in-law rivalry is normal, but wearing the same dress to the wedding? That’s like on a whole other level!

If your guests live in a small town or all tend to shop at the same place, there may be a case of double dressing. A good solution to this is to head to the most popular boutiques, ask them to keep a record of your wedding and not allow the same dress to be purchased twice for the occasion. Voilà, crisis averted!


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5. Frowning florals

The reception isn’t even half way through, speeches haven’t commenced and cocktail hour hasn’t started, but you look over and see your flowers are decaying already!

If you’re having an outdoor wedding in the summer season, then you may need to use hardy flowers with woody stems and stronger petals. Flowers like lilies and hydrangeas are usually safe. Try to avoid more delicate blooms like gardenias and tulips. It’s important to consult with your florist about potential conditions and let them do the hard work.


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6. Let them NOT eat cake

Has your cake table collapsed (yes, this has happened before) or is the delivery man nowhere to be seen?! The worst possible mishap is not providing your guests with any cake (admit it, you’d be fuming as well!). If you have even the slightest inkling that you cake may not be at the reception, consider having a fake cake on stand-by with an edible top tier to hand out to your guests – it’s better than nothing.


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