6 tips to ensure you have your dream Wedding car for the Big Day

Wedding cars are more than just methods of transport on your Wedding day; they can help create the perfect entrance, show off the personalities of you and your hubby-to-be and make the perfect backdrop for your Wedding shots.

But, how do you make sure that you get your dream wheels, without there being any bumps in the road? Here are our best tips and tricks to ensure that you get the best Wedding cars for your Happily Ever After.

1. Choose a Style Of Car That Is Perfect For You And Your Hubby-To-Be

So, you’ve left your hubby-to-be out of the Wedding planning so far (much to his relief!) but Wedding cars are the one thing he has his heart set on planning… What do you do? Sit him down and choose what style of car suits you as a couple, of course!

Consider the type of entrance you want to make and the look you are after – you have so many options. Channelling the Cinderella vibe? Disney-esque horse drawn carriages never date! Sports car lovers? Lamborghinis and Ferraris will be the perfect touch. Classy, classy *cue Fergie*? Limos, Rolls Royces and Bentleys definitely won’t disappoint. Wedding on the sand? VW Kombis are definitely your go-to.

But, what if you and your hubby-to-be cannot make a decision together? Choose a car each to and from the reception. Hurray, problem solved!

4Images from Khaela’s Wedding. Photography by Porfyri Photography


2. Make Sure You Book Your Wedding Cars At Least Nine Months In Advance

Like everything else which screams Wedding, Wedding cars get booked out very quickly. To ensure you secure your dream wheels, make sure to get on to your Wedding car supplier at least nine months to a year in advance. Hint: the rarer the car, the more time you need to allow.

2Images from Jessica and Adam’s Wedding. Photography by Mark Davis Photography

3. Don’t Play In Traffic (Literally)

Don’t let traffic play havoc with your Wedding Day. Check to see if there are any sporting or major events on and leave at least 20 to 30 minutes more of extra travel time for every trip you are making. This way – sitting in traffic will not mean that you miss out on your dream sunset shots and you will make it to every destination on time.

4. Save A Seat For Your Photographer In Your Car

Trust us, this will make for some tear jerking shots of you and your parents before the ceremony and you and your spouse after you have said ‘I do’. You can thank us later!

1Images from Khaela’s Wedding. Photography by Porfyri Photography

5. Be As Organised As Possible

No bride needs the stress that comes with their Wedding car not rocking up on their Big Day. To avoid living a nightmare, make sure you briefly call your Wedding car supplier to confirm your arrangements a day before the Wedding.

Prepare a sheet of times for the driver of when he needs to be at specific places to collect you and also arm your Maid-of-Honour with an extra copy (which has the driver’s details) to avoid any catastrophes. (You can never be too cautious!)

6. Mind Your Bloomers As You Exit

No matter the form of transport you choose, mind the way you exit. No guest wants their first impression of you as a radiant Bride to be of you flashing all the traffic as you exit your dream Wedding car! Keep all that for your hubby-to-be and your honeymoon, please!

3Image from Carly and Andy’s Wedding. Photography by  GM Photographics & Siempre Weddings

Main images from Caterina and Frank’s Wedding. Photography by Image Haus.

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