6 things you need to know if you’re Marrying a Lebanese man

There’s a saying that if you Marry a Lebanese man, you Marry his entire extended family. So, if you find yourself dating a handsome Lebanese fellah, here are six tings you need to know before you tie the knot (from our very own Lebanese writer)!

1. Be Prepared For a Whirlwind of Events

If you’re Marrying a Lebanese man, you won’t only be celebrating and planning your Wedding, girl! Be prepared to plan the engagement party, the kitchen tea, your hens night, the laliyah (pre wedding party) and, of course, the big day – and each event is bigger than Ben Hur!


2. Your Family’s About to Get Bigger

No matter what nationality you Marry, you will automatically become part of another family, but, when your Groom is Lebanese, be prepared to join a very large (and very extended) family. This family will envelope you with love (and some amazing food!), but they’ll also probably make a lot of decisions about your Wedding day on your behalf… They’ll also likely pop over for a visit unannounced at all times of day and night, but the plus side is that they’ll probably bring over a cooked meal and do a load of laundry for you while they’re there!

3. You’ll Be Dancing All Night Long

From the moment you say your vows, be sure you have your dancing shoes on because the party starts straight away! There will be non-stop music, zalghouta, loads of dancing and a tribe of drummers all night long! If you’re worried about your feet getting sore, have a sneaky pair of flats to change into if needed.


4. There Will Be Cars

Boys love their toys! So, just a heads-up that you WILL have the best of the best Wedding cars escorting you to the church and the wedding venue. Oh, you might you might also have a brocade of super sleek motorbikes escorting you too. Get ready for loud engines and horns beeping!


5. Boy Bonding

As much as your future Lebanese hubby loves you, he will still have big love for his mates, so, be prepared to regularly having a plethora of young (and old) men swing past your new home for a card game of 400 or to watch the Friday night footy!

6. Wifey Material

Once you’ve become a Wedded wifey, get ready to spoil your man with morning cuddles, fresh laundry and delicious meals! If you’re not sure your cooking skills are up to scratch, don’t worry, your new mother-in-law will give you the 101! Get ready to embrace yummy recipes for tabouli, kafta and all things Lebanese (trust us, you’ll be addicted to the food)!


So fairies, whether you’re Lebanese or you’re Marrying a Lebanese man, rest assured that this culture will make both your Wedding Day and the rest of your life a whirlwind of partying, dancing, eating, drinking and <most importantly> love!

Image from Rayyan and Ezzeddine’s Wedding. Photography by Filmography and Seva and Luke’s Wedding. Photography by GM Photographics

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