6 things to do if you can’t afford your dream Wedding dress

Finding the dream Wedding gown is a lot like falling in love; you know straight away when you’ve found ‘the one’. However, with the gown, although it fits you perfectly, sometimes it doesn’t fit within your budget.

Before you wallow in misery after setting your heart on a dress that you simply can’t afford, we’ve got six things you need to do – and, you never know, they could solve all your Wedding gown woes!

1. Search for Sales

If your ‘perfect’ gown is made by a well-known designer or label, start searching boutiques near and far and compare prices. You might find that a boutique interstate has the gown on sale or is retailing it at less than what you originally thought.

2. Something ‘Old’

Consider scouring through the internet for a second-hand gown. There are dozens of websites that allow past-Brides to sell their gowns at heavily discounted rates. The dresses come dry-cleaned, have only been worn once and will count as your ‘something old’ – it’s a triple threat!


3. Contact a Dressmaker

Get in touch with a local dressmaker or a designer and talk to them about recreating your dream dress. The benefit of this is that although they may use the original gown as inspiration, you’ll probably end up with an even more ‘perfect’ dress that is completely unique to your Wedding.

4. Rejig the Numbers

Have another look at your budget and see whether you can adjust the figures. This is where a Wedding planner comes in handy, as they’ll be able to tell you what you need to spend on and what you can save on. Who knows; you might’ve allocated an extra few thousand to a part of the Wedding day that you don’t actually need.

5. Go Online

Although shopping from an online Wedding boutique may not give you the personalised service and experience that you get at a local Bridal boutique, you might find that there are big savings to be had when you click and buy. Because online boutiques don’t have the same business expenses, like rent, staffing and décor, they can often sell their stock at a slightly cheaper rate to their offline counterparts.

6. Be Mindful

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t get your dream gown, try not to let it affect you. Be mindful that the Wedding day is about you and your Groom taking life-long vows, not about what white dress you’ve chosen. Keep your eye on the <man> prize, Fairies!


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