6 Things No One Tells You About Your Wedding Day

1. The people who never RSVP’d won’t matter

RSVPs can make planning a wedding really stressful regardless of whether you intend to invite 50 guests or 500 guests. Apparently the fact that you’re working, studying, trying to maintain a social life and/or plan a wedding at the same time just isn’t enough of a work load. But don’t worry, because once your big day rolls around, those people won’t even matter.

2. Smiling is harder than you think

Your cheeks will literally ache from smiling too much! From “hello, how are you” to “thank you” and “glad you can make it”, the smiles are endless. But can we really count that as a negative Fairies? Every bride dreams of a smile-filled wedding.

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3. You probably won’t eat

Not that you don’t want to, or that you’re not starving, but because you won’t have much time at all. In between the photographs, traditions and an overall hectic schedule, you’ll probably forget to eat.

4. You won’t WANT to drink any water

We’ve all watched enough bridal movies to know the horror of going to the bathroom in a ball gown, not just for you but for your bridesmaids as well! The solution for most brides is pretty simple, don’t drink any water. Whether it’s the healthiest option is another story, stay hydrated Fairies!

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5. Something might & probably will go wrong

It’s almost inevitable. Just remember to stay calm and remember, these things have a way of figuring themselves out.

6. There will be a magical moment

There will be a magical moment, you just won’t know when it’ll happen. It could be when you walk down the aisle and realise ‘wow, this is it’ or simply whilst sitting at the bridal table overlooking the crowd, either way an unforgettable moment is bound to happen.

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