As a Wedding Guest, there’s a certain set of rules you need to abide by. Most of them are common courtesy, like ‘RSVP on time’, ‘don’t be late on the day’ and ‘gift something from the gift registry’; however to avoid one of the biggest Wedding Day faux pas you’ve got to choose your outfit wisely.

Unless you want offend the Bride, it’s probably a good idea to stick by our guidelines of what not to wear.

1. White

This one’s obvious; don’t wear anything that could be mistaken for a Wedding Gown. This means steering clear of white and ivory tones, long trains and lots of lacework. If you have even the slightest inkling that you might upstage the Bride, get a new dress.

2. Black

OK, the black dress is definitely debatable, but traditionally guests never wore black to the Wedding Ceremony. These days, the rules are a little more flexible, but if you do go for black, pair it with some serious sparkles. You want to look more like New York chic than Wednesday Addams.

3. Jeans

This is a blanket rule for guys and girls. Unless the Bride has a dress code of ‘jeans only’, put the denim away. As comfy as your favourite Levis are, the Wedding Day is a day that you should make an effort with your outfit choice.

4. A Crown

This one doesn’t need much explanation; it’s not your day, it’s the Brides, so put down the crown, princess!

5. Skin

A Wedding is not an opportunity to don you skimpiest dress and show off your (albeit, great) legs and décolletage. If it’s not appropriate dress for a church on Sunday, don’t wear it.

6. Anything Outside of the Dress Code

Couples include a dress code on the invitation for a purpose. It’s aim is to make it simpler for guests to know what outfit to wear; so by going outside of the dress code recommendations, you’re setting yourself up for a #fail.

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