6 Sweet Gifts To Pass Down To Your Children

Generation after generation after generation, it is important to keep memories and traditions alive. Some sentimental items can mean so much to you and will mean even more to your children – and their children after!

Passing down items that your children will adore can easily become the most memorable gifts they receive, and it’ll be for them to treasure for as long as possible.

So help keep the memories alive and pass down these sweet gifts to your children.

Engagement Ring 

Just like the Royal family, passing down engagement rings can truly be sentimental, creating long-lasting memories. Styles over the years definitely change, but there is something extremely valuable about passing down an engagement ring worn by your mother. Whether it goes to your son to be presented to their fiancé or your daughter to wear herself, it is definitely a sweet gift that will create long-lasting memories.

Piece Of Advice 

A little piece of parental advice goes a long way to your child when they’re feeling sad or in need of guidance. Whether it be a saying or an action, look back to what your parents once told you and pass down the wisdom to radiate beyond generations.


Wedding Dress 

It is every mother’s dream to see their daughter walk down the aisle in the same dress they wore on their special day. Whether they wear the exact same dress or use the fabric and create their own, there is something truly sentimental about re-creating your mother’s wedding day.

A Recipe 

Everyone knows that the taste of your favourite food can bring back childhood memories, so why not pass down a favourite family recipe to your children. Give them the ability to be able to whip up your signature dish in the kitchen, and re-live the long lasting memory you have created together.

Your First Designer Handbag 

There is something so satisfying about receiving your first pay-check and spending it on the bag you’ve dreamed to have. So why not share that with your child and turn your current edition designer bag into a classic-vintage gem, passing it on to your daughter. Timeless and elegant, it will surely be adored.


Family Traditions 

Re-live family traditions generation after generation. Pass down holiday rituals or family traditions to your child to experience with their family, so they can be truly cherished for a lifetime.


Written By Chante El-Zoghbi 

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