Gel nails are the answer for any girl who’s ever suffered from the dreaded chipped polish. This condition comes as a result of exposure to water, any sort of heavy lifting (shopping bags, anyone?) or tugging at a zip (on that super tight Hervé Léger number). So, basically every girl I know.

Even if you’ve been getting Shellac for years, we bet you didn’t know these seven mind-boggling gel facts!

1. It Can Damage Cuticles

Because gel nails are worn for extended periods, it can cause serious damage to your cuticles. The polish can dry out the cuticles, however this damage can be minimised by regularly rubbing cuticle oil and moisturiser on the nail.

2. Peeling is a Mortal Nail Sin

You probably realised peeling the polish off was bad for your nails, but I bet you didn’t realise just how bad it was. Not only does it take off the top layer of your nail, but it also causes small fractures and tears. We know it’s hard, but don’t do it! If you can’t make it to the salon to get a touch up, there’s an at-home treatment called Laque Lift which provide wipes which remove Shellac or Gel Nails in just a few minutes. It’s a must-have for gel lovers.1

3. Your Nails Need to ‘Breathe’

Dermatologists agree that in between your gel manis, you should let your nails ‘breathe’ for a few days. This helps your nails get more oxygen which allows them to fight off infections and fungus. The time off from the polish also keeps the nails stronger and more flexible.

4. You’ll Need Retouching More Regularly During Summer

Nails grow faster in the summer months, which means you’ll need to get your mani-game on more regularly!

5. It Can Last a Month

The beauty of gel nails is that, with the right care, they can last almost an entire month. The trick is to keep the nails away from chemicals, so steer clear of chlorinated pools and say no to dish washing.

6. It’s a Commitment

Because your gel mani lasts up to a month, it’s a huge colour commitment. Neutral shades are fail-safe, but if you want to opt for a statement shade, make sure it’s a colour that will work with your wardrobe. 2

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