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In the months leading up to the wedding, generally the bride is the one getting stress wrinkles and overeating (damn you, Tim Tams). The groom? He’s not even batting an eyelid.

Ladies, take a load off. Here are six tasks you can leave to your hubby – and if you want to make it seven, we highly recommend throwing in a ‘foot rub for the bride’ at the end!

1. Transport

Is there any task more fitting to your groom? Organising transport is something they can easily do, and can’t afford to stuff up (their mates would kill them!). Your man will definitely make sure the cars are as fast as they are sexy!1

Image from Astra Cars

2. The Rings

This is an integral part of the ceremony and the groom should have complete responsibility. He has the rings, he guards them with his life, or he entrusts them to the one man he trusts most with his life. This is something you needn’t worry about on all accounts!


Images from Starco Jewellers

3 The Suit

Okay, before your man makes any headway in this department, make sure you have your own bridal party details at the ready. It helps him on his way to finding something which he will naturally head back to you for final approval!

4. His Main Men

On the big day, organising your maids is left to the bride or delegated to the Maid of Honour. It’s the same deal for your groom. He should oversee everything groomsmen related – just make sure he’s planned this BEFORE the Bachelor Party…3

Images from Alex Goodman

5. Honeymoon

Wipe that quizzical look off your face, and listen up! Everyone wants their honeymoon to be amazing, the groom included. If you leave it to him, he’s bound to choose a place as relaxing and amazing as what you’d like! Our tip: just be clear that bungee jumping, sand-boarding and mud wrestling are not  wife-approved activities (unless you’re into that?)!

6. The Wedding Suite

For those heading away to another part of the state, interstate or overseas, accommodation is something that needs to be organised. Whether it be your own, or whether it be directing guests to places near the venue, your man can easily do the research when it comes to this! If you’re really concerned, just give him a few guidelines. 4

Image from The Langham Sydney

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Main image from Donia and George’s wedding. Photography by Xsight


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