8 Brazilian Wedding Traditions You Didn’t Know About

Brazil is known for its colour, passion and, of course, its extravagant weddings. But, with every exotic culture, there are unique traditions that come along with it.

Here are six Wedding traditions we bet you didn’t know about Brazil!

1. Pre-Wedding Pampering

The day before the Wedding, the lucky Bride-to-be is completely pampered by her family. From facials to massages, the day prior should be anything but stressful for the future woman in white.

2. Church Wedding

Since the majority of Brazilians are Catholics, it is a must to have the Wedding ceremony in a church. This may take an hour or longer, taking into account the signing of legal documents, readings, poems and other additional dedications.

3. Brighter, the Better

Brazil is just not interested in outfit repeating, it seems! Contrary to popular western culture, it’s actually considered bad luck for Brazilian Bridesmaids to wear the same coloured dress. The brighter, the better!

4. Shoes of Gold

The Brazilian Bride is anything but conventional with her Wedding attire. It is customary for her to sport gold heels underneath her dress.

1Image from Daniel Lateulade

5. Girl Power

Speaking of Wedding dresses… the Bride is expected to write the names of her single friends inside the hem. This is supposed to provide good luck for her gal pals, in the hopes that it might open the doors to their own love life!

6. Scissor Action

On the Wedding night, which is called a ‘ceremonial’, the Groom’s tie is cut up in pieces, each piece auctioned off and sold to the Wedding guests. The Best Man usually leads this ‘auction’, so as to increase funds for the couple’s anticipated honeymoon.

7. The Heel and Toe Dance

Believe it or not, Brazilian Brides receive extra crash by taking their shoes off during the ceremonial… The gold heel is placed on the centre of the dance floor, and guests generously drop money into the sole. This quirky custom is done to wish the newlywed’s financial future well and prosperous.

8. Brazilian Bomboniere

A Brazilian sweet, called bem casado (translated to be ‘well-Married’), is handed out to all guests once they leave the reception as a symbol of good luck and prosperity for the newly Wedded couple.

Main image from cecinewyork.com

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