5 Winter Wedding Worries & How to Combat Them

There is nothing more magical than a beautifully styled winter wedding. Although, more often than not, having a winter wedding means planning for the worst weather conditions. Here’s how you can avoid these five major winter wedding worries.

1. The Weatherman Forecasts Rain, Rain & More Rain

A bit of rain (or a bit of snow!) should not ruin your dream wedding. Consider your venue choice well in advance. Plan for the worse by booking a tent early. You may want to avoid an outdoor ceremony, but having a marquee set up for the evening is a definite yes. Consider having spare umbrellas for your guests if need be and don’t forget umbrellas make beautiful props for wedding photos.

5 Winter Wedding Worries and Tips to Avoid Them 1

Image via : Paul Liddement Photography

2. Baby It’s Cold Outside

As winter approaches it’s only natural for the temperatures to drop, but don’t let that deter you. Avoid having your guests freeze by booking portable heaters and make sure you speak to your venue coordinator about added heating if need be. Consider having a cappuccino or hot chocolate bar for your guests to warm up before or after your ceremony.

5 Winter Wedding Worries and Tips to Avoid Them 2

Image via : Mountain Modern Life

3. You Picked a Dress for Summer

You’ve invested in a dress that shows off your shoulders or has a low cut exposed back. Avoid becoming a frozen princess and consider having a faux fur stole or coat to save you from the winter chill. You may want to wear some thermal pants underneath your dress, as long as your dress isn’t see-through. Also, pick out some stylish stoles, jackets or coats for your bridesmaids too.

5 Winter Wedding Worries and Tips to Avoid Them 3

Image via : Michele M. Waite Photography

4. Sunset Sorrows

Winter means shorter days and longer nights. If you’re wanting romantic sunset pictures, try and plan for an earlier ceremony and try to get your wedding photos taken between 2–3 pm when the sun begins to dim. Alternatively, you can use the lack of light to your advantage and have your photos taken under festoon lighting or whimsical fairy lights.

5 Winter Wedding Worries and Tips to Avoid Them 4

Image: A Vibrant Garden Wedding at The Grounds
Photography: Siempre: Timeless Wedding Photography

5. The Unexpected Guest…the Flu

Dropping temperatures and the stress of planning a wedding can have you contracting a cold or flu. Try and keep your immune system up, take your vitamins, get some exercise and include some of the seasonal citrus fruits into your diet. Try and get rest as well, you don’t want your body overworked and vulnerable to illness. If you’re sick on the day of your wedding consider talking to a doctor about taking a de-congestive or other medication to get you through the day. And have your concealer ready to touch up on your red nose.


Title image via : Paul Liddement Photography

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