5 Wedding Trends You’ll Be Seeing This Spring

Spring, spring, spring. We’ve been so excited for spring, (arguably the best season of the year), that we haven’t quite shut up about it. We’ve been yelling out to just about everyone that spring is almost upon us, and now that it’s here, we just can’t hold our excitement in for much longer.

We’ll just ignore the fact that the weather is still dreadfully cold, and instead turn our attention to all that is to come. Now that we’re moving away from the splendour of winter weddings, it’s time to consider all of the spring trends that we’ll be witnessing for 2018.


1. Watercolour Palettes

Pastels, watercolours, you name it; colours are in this spring, whether it be in the form of the creative table settings or the floral arrangements.

Although all-white flowers were a stunning display of sweet romance this winter, expect to see an absolute explosion of colour for the warmer season. Perth florist, Matthew Landers, knows how to put together some truly incredible floral displays that’ll create that perfect spring vibe. From slightly darker hues to fun and bright yellows, Landers has the magic touch you need to see.

To know how to work in the pastels, check out our article, 7 Ways To Include Pastels For Your Spring Event.


2. Messy Updos

Thanks to the beauty that is Meghan Markle, a messy up-do is the hair trend to keep up with in 2018. As you’d expect, her wedding back in May created a lot of attention, and all eyes have been on her since. Meghan’s constant go-to has been a messy bun, and brides have been replicating the look since. Come spring, the hairstyle won’t be disappearing and you’ll be seeing quite a lot of this look.


3. Moissanite Gems

According to the annual Wedding Report released by Pinterest, Moissanite gems are up by 294%.

Moissanite is a man-made, lab-created gem that shares many similarities to an actual diamond. They’re less expensive per carat, have a minimal environmental impact, since they don’t need to be mined, and is durable enough for everyday wear. On Moh’s scale of hardness, Moissanite gems come in at 9.25, compared to a diamond’s 10.

We don’t know about you, but Moissanite seems like a really great option, especially if the lighter price tag equates to a bigger stone. For any spring brides on a budget, look no further.


4. Art-Deco Engagement Rings

Speaking of engagement rings, art-deco rings have been the up and coming trend recently. We’ve been seeing them pop up on fingers quite a bit, and they’ll only get more popular with the coming season.

Have fun playing around with coloured stones, different metals, and funky shapes. They’re certainly a great option for our more quirky brides who love to steer away from the traditional.


5. Big Bold Florals

While dainty floral accents have been a huge trend for wedding dresses, it’s time to think big and bold instead. Harper’s Bazaar calls for brides to ditch the massive bouquets and start making your gown the statement of the night. Play around with embroidered patterns or plush appliques for an innocent yet fun look.


Written by Hanan Merheb

Cover photo by: @matthewlanders

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