We’ve come across hundreds of wedding traditions, but these five cultural customs take the <wedding> cake. After some heavy research (thank you internet), we aren’t 100% sure of the truth behind each tradition, so if you know any better, please comment below!

1. The Naked Drive

In Argentina, it’s not abnormal to see a naked bride or groom drive around the town. From what we understand it has something to do with representing the way they came out of the womb, but we can’t be sure…

2. Blackening the Bride

The Scottish like to take the wedding celebrations up a level by mixing rubbish, sludge, mud and every other gross sludge you can think of in a bucket and throwing it at the bride. Supposably, if she can handle this, she can handle marriage.

3. Toilet Break

Newly married couples in Borneo are confined to their house for three days and three nights, but they aren’t able to use the toilet for the entire time. Ouch!

4. Bulking

It’s not unusual to see the groom packing on the muscle in advance to the wedding, but in Spatan culture it was the women who were encouraged to bulk up. Before the wedding, the women would shave their heads and dress up like men. They’d then wait patiently to be ‘kidnapped’ by their groom to be.

5. Close Encounters

In some African cultures, the Bride’s mother is required to accompany the newlyweds into the matrimonial bed to show the bride ‘how to do it’. Awkward!

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