With so much going on before the wedding, it’s almost impossible for the bride to finish all the planning herself. Believe it or not, there are five things that your husband-to-be can manage, and do a great job too.

1. Cake Testing

This responsibility is foolproof and there’s no better person to handle this, than the man of the relationship. Men do what men do best, and that is eating. Note: this is the only time you let them have their cake and eat it too!


2. Groomsmen Suits

The Bride has her own outfit to stress over, so, it’s only fair to pass on the baton to the Groom for his own tuxedo. Your fiancé should know what suits his frame and what doesn’t, so leave the suit and tie to him!

3. Your Ride

With all the flower options, invitation fonts and dress-fittings, your hubby-to-be probably feeks out of his comfort zone. Passing the responsibility of choosing what car you’ll be riding in throughout the day will take a task off you and allow hime to contribute to the Wedding!


4. Wedding Speech

Luckily, this is one part of the Wedding that the Bride needn’t worry about. This is the Groom’s time to shine – all you need to do is sit and watch (and keep back the tears!)

5. Rings

It is only fair that you allow your rock to choose your rock. Your Wedding ring is a token of his love for you, so give him the privilege to choose the most important accessory! If you still don’t feel so sure – allow him the opportunity to choose his own ring!


Images from Keshia and Daniel’s Wedding. Photography by Gianluca Adovasio.

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