5 Wedding essentials you should never purchase online

Nowadays, the world is a Bride’s oyster with the internet giving us access to gown designers from France, bombonieres  from America and jewellery from Italy. Not only can you source beautiful pieces that none of your friends would’ve seen before, but you can also compare prices and save big bucks.

But there are some wedding essentials that you should never commit to over the internet. We asked the seasoned brides at the Wedded Wonderland office and here are the 5 biggest bridal items you need to try before you buy.

1. The Rings

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A picture can be worth 1,000 words, but it can also hide a multitude of sins. Purchasing your rings online is always risky. It’s hard to tell the quality of the diamond and metal used and if you’re buying a wedding ring, you should always try it on with your engagement ring before handing over your credit card.

2. The Photographer


Choosing the right photographer is something that shouldn’t be based on who’s got the cheapest rate explains Tania from Serendipity Moments Photography. It’s so important to meet your photographer prior to the Big Day and ensure they understand the look and feel of the images and emotion you want to capture. Don’t just rely on their past experience, make sure you build a rapport and actually get along – they’ll be stuck to your side for the entire day, so you’ve got to like them!

3. The Dress

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For every successful bridal gown purchased online from China, there are a million horror stories. You should be viewing your wedding dress in person to see the detail, quality of materials and cut; because although the gown could look great in a photo with a model, your body shape is probably going to be different. If you’re concerned about budget, call wedding boutiques and designers; most of them will have samples or last-season’s stock that they may be able to sell you for a discount.

4. The Venue


Ahh, Photoshop. It’s the handy tool that can turn a beat-up old room into a 5-star luxury space in less than two minutes. Don’t make the mistake of booking your venue from photos alone, as this part of a wedding can make or break the mood of your guests. Before paying a deposit, you should always see the room first-hand and in the case of a destination wedding, speak to your wedding planner or arrange a third-party to visit the space, take photos and report back to you.

5. Shoes

Benjamin Adams

On your wedding day, you’ll be on your feet for at least 10 hours. That’s a long time to be standing when you’re in a world of pain from uncomfortable or poor fitting footwear. Many brides purchase shoes online, so if you can’t possibly make it in-store to try on your wedding shoes, we recommend purchasing a few months in advance of the Big Day. This gives you time to wear them around the house and make sure you can walk in them – pretty important when you’ve got an aisle to navigate down! Also, check the return policy before you buy online and make sure you’re able to send them back if they aren’t what you wanted.

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