5 Ways To Show Your Support For White Ribbon Day

November 23rd marks White Ribbon Day, and here at Wedded Wonderland, we want to make sure as many people as possible are aware of it.

Domestic violence is a serious issue, with 1 in every 3 women experiencing physical violence since the age of 15, so it’s important to make sure we’re all not just talking about it, but working towards ending it completely. Fairies, these are 5 ways you can get the conversation going by getting together with your girlfriends and supporting White Ribbon Day.


1. Host A Tea Party

What better way to get talking about domestic violence than with a tea party? Host one with your girlfriends, few or plenty, and make sure you all get a chance to discuss the topic, maybe even share the different ways a woman can leave an abusive relationship; you never know who might be suffering.


It’s also a great idea to keep donation boxes around for your friends to add to. Some incredible charities that help women with domestic violence include: My Friends’ PlaceFriends with Dignity AusWhite Ribbon AustraliaWomen’s Community Shelters


2. Buy A Necklace

Treat yourself and support a great cause? Yes, please.

Najo is an Australian jewellery brand that has four different pieces that were created specifically to support victims of domestic violence. All proceeds from any of those four items go to White Ribbon Australia.


3. Pole dance

Pole dance for charity? What?

Australian pole dancing and fitness studio are running four pole dancing workshops in support of women affected by violence. It’s $40 for each workshop and 100% of all proceeds will be donated.

So yes, Fairies, you can pole dance for a good cause.



4. Buy A Tote Bag

Fashion with a cause is always better, so grab yourself a tote bag that actually means something.

Sans Sherif is currently selling a tote bag that donates a percentage of its profits to White Ribbon Australia, and it looks super cute too.

Celebrate women, and help women with this perfect tote bag.


5. Get Your Nails Done

Change can always start at even the smallest level, so pamper yourself with a mani and get the white ribbon painted on. It might not seem like much, but you never who might notice it and start a conversation about what it means. No effort goes unnoticed.


Cover photo by: @burleighstudio

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