5 ways to include your dog in your wedding

When it comes to your big day, you want your most cherished loved ones there to celebrate the moment with you. If it just so happens that one of these people is actually a pup, then not only going to have some amazing pictures, but some amazing memories too.

So whether you want to include you pooch in your nuptials, or just look at pictures of cute dogs at weddings, here are our five tips (and photos) of how to include them.

Let them announce your engagement

Engagement announcement photos are beautiful, but when your pup is involved, you’ll probably be able to hear the squeals of happiness from miles away! Grab yourself a small chalk board from your nearest arts and crafts store and scrawl away.

Pup of honour

There’s a reason why they’re called man’s best friend, you know. Pretty up your pooch with a bow tie and fancy collar, or get creative and decorate their lead. Check out this DIY bridal dog leash tutorial here.

Flower girl escort

One word – Awwwwww! There’s no way you can say ‘no’ to this one and your flower girls and page boys will love you for it.

Ring bearer

Believe us, it’s just as good in real life as it is in romantic comedies. Make sure you practice your ‘come’ technique beforehand, though. The best way is to hold a tasty treat in your hand, bend towards the ground, say ‘come’ with authority and reward your dog for running to your heels.

Master of Happiness

Ok, so this might not be an actual role, but we guarantee your hound will excel at it anyway. As one of your most excitable (and photogenic!) guests, these family members know their stuff when it comes to turning a dignified moment into a light-hearted one, getting the party started, and soothing any pre-ceremony jitters. That, and they’re too cute not to include.

Practical Tip: Assign a family member, friend, or professional pet sitter to dog-minding duties to make sure everything runs smoothly and you’re not run off your feet even more than what you already are on the big day.

And because we just can’t help ourselves, here’s one last picture of another pooch understandably stealing the spotlight at a wedding:

Image credits to – Chasing Amber Photography, BLDG 25 Blog’s Jana, Snap Weddings, Debi Parker Photography, and Elorio Photography


Article written by Alison Donnellan

Posted in Planning by wedded wonderland

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