Everyone loves a bit of competition, so if you want to be awarded the title of Best Wedding Guest ever, take note of these five things.

1. Follow the RSVP Rules

The invitation will always have a preferred method of RSVP and it generally involves posting back a reply. Sending the bride a text, voicemail or carrier pigeon with your response can be irrating for her (and really hard to manage), so instantly increase your ‘likeability’ by following the RSVP rules.

2. Don’t Try Your Luck

If you haven’t been sent an invited that explicity says “<your name> + 1”, don’t test the waters and try and sneak BAE along. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been with boyfie for five years, if he wasn’t invited, the polite thing to do is to go alone and prepare to make some fabulous new friends.


Image from Aleen and Mina’s wedding. Photography by Mark & Kara

3. Fashionably Late is Not Fashionable

In the real world (ie. The non-wedding world), arriving at events 30-minutes late is something that all the cool kids do, because nobody likes being the first to the party. This rule does NOT apply for weddings. It’s seriously awkward walking into the ceremony and having to dodge the bridesmaids down the aisle as the Bridal Chorus plays.

4. Look Hot, But Not Too Hot

There’s bound to be a photographer snapping away throughout the night and there will probably be multiple Insty pics tagging you, so you obviously want to look your best. However, do not attempt to outdo the bride. Steer clear of any ‘bridal-inspired’ dresses (flowy, long white gowns are a big ‘no-no’), don’t show too much skin and OTT crowns and headpieces should be worn with caution.


Image from Aleen and Mina’s wedding. Photography by Mark & Kara

5. Don’t Get Snappy

If you’re planning on sharing a ton of images on social media, do it with respect. Snapping a pic of the bride getting ready and posting it on Facebook is not OK; always make sure the bride’s walked the aisle before sharing snaps of her dress. Some couples are extremely private and may not want their intimate moments posted. If in doubt, ask the bride-to-be before the wedding if she’s comfortable with you sharing.

6. Party Classy

If you love a glass of champers as much as we do, you’ll be topping your glass regularly throughout the reception. Don’t become the star of your own wedding nightmare and get so sloshed that you end up kissing the groomsmen (yes, we said men, plural) and face-planting the wedding cake. Keep it classy, ladies.


Image from Bhavisha and Aditya’s wedding. Photography by Ferndara Creative

Main image from Kirsty and Sam’s wedding. Photography by Doux Wedding Corp

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