5 ways that kids will ruin your Wedding

If you’re tossing up whether or not to invite children to your wedding, these truths might help you decide. We’ve spoken to brides from all around the world and here are the top 5 ways that kids will put a spanner in the wedding works.

(Disclaimer: We are not against having youngsters at your wedding, we just want you to be prepared!)

1. A+ for Tardiness

Think of how long it takes (and the struggle) for parents to get their kids to school on time… okay now triple it and that’s what it takes to get them scrubbed up for a wedding! There’s nothing worse than your guests arriving late (in large numbers!) and tip-toeing their way through tables and other guests to get their seat. Plus, what’s the point of a grand entrance if no one’s there to see it?


2. All You Can Eat

If you’re planning on having a candy buffet, then you had better be prepared to have a security guard of Hollywood A-list proportions watching the table like a hawk. Within 2 minutes of the reception, there will be a swarm of hyperactive kids rummaging through every candy jar, jellybean and lollipop they can get their hands on! If kids are hungry, they make it known; so even a sit-down dinner will have them whinging for McDonald’s. You can never win.


3. A Walking Klutz

If you’re having kids at the wedding, be prepared to pull back on the ‘wow factors’. Kids have the uncanny ability to injure themselves on just about anything, so if you’re looking at fireworks, staging, a smoke machine or candles, you might want to reconsider. Otherwise your wedding could get a guest appearance from an ambulance and an emergency team.



4. Attention Seeking

It’s a known fact that kids love attention; so it’s not surprising that they will take any opportunity to ‘photo-bomb’ your snaps. Not only will they ruin potentially amazing couple shots, but when it comes time for a nice family shoot, they’ll be pulling faces. 

5. Loud Mouth

Children seem to be able to make embarrassing comments at the most inappropriate times. Be prepared for loud burps during your vows, giggles at the first kiss and yells of disgust at the garter toss. On the plus side, kids will also bring some of the best moves to the dance floor and some of the most memorable moments of the wedding.




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