5 Types Of Guys You Should Avoid Dating

Life is too short to be around someone who you are not completely happy with. The dating world is tough so we’ve narrowed down a list of guys who you should definitely avoid dating.

The guy who says he doesn’t want a relationship

So…what exactly are we doing here? If a guy has already set the terms and conditions on your first date, he is most likely not looking for a serious commitment. And don’t think that you are going to be the girl who changes his mind. A guy who clearly says he doesn’t want a relationship is just looking for other things and you need to get out of there asap.


The really dry conversationalist

Look, dating online is hard. We get it. It’s hard to come up with cool and flirty texts all the time. Also, you don’t want to be too forward in case your messages doesn’t translate well online. We get it. But if you’re messages are not moving past the “Hey”, “Hey, how are you?”, “Hi, how’s work?” phase, it’s time to let it go. If sparks aren’t flying online, they are most likely not going to fly in person either and you are both just wasting your time. Maybe you can be just friends?


The “He’s a good guy deep, deep, deep down”

So, you’ve noticed some warning signs such as he comes off a bit arrogant and he is slightly rude to the waiter but you’ve decided to brush it off and let it go for now. But then you meet his friends and they tell you that even if he is a bit rude and arrogant, he is still a good guy. Deep down. Deep, deep, deep down. If all his friends are trying to convince you he is a good guy, there might be something ugly hiding underneath and it’s time to take your bag and leave.


The Ghost

One minute, he’s completely into you. The next, it’s like he has completely disappeared. Now, you’re left rechecking old messages and wondering what you did wrong. If you are always wondering what is going on, it’s better to just LEAVE IT ALONE. No one is ever that busy that it takes them five days to reply. We are always with our phone and it takes like 2 seconds to send a message, so don’t buy into his excuses that he’s too busy to reply to you.

The “I’m too busy” guy¬†

As with Oprah’s golden rule, “If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn’t want you. Nothing can make him stay.” If nailing down a date and place to meet is always such a headache, maybe he is just not that into you? A guy who is into you will never be hard to chase down and if you’re the one that’s doing all the work, it’s time to say bye.


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