5 Tricks To Planning A Stress-Free Wedding

Wedding planning can be fun, exciting, and a little nerve-racking, but it certainly doesn’t have to be stressful.

Here at Wedded Wonderland we have some tips to easing the stress of the big day so there’s less stress and more fun!

Ditch the Wishing Well

Having a large amount of money lying around in wishing wells or gift boxes at your reception can be a little stressful for everyone involved.

GiftWell, have an easy and hassle-free modern solution for cash gifting; a mobile phone app that makes gifting so very simple. Just set up a campaign for your event in the app, wait to receive a unique code, and then share the very same code with all of your guests, which can be done by including it on your invitations. Guests can then send their gifts on the day or in the lead up to it, which you, the host, will receive post-event in one lump sum.

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Create A Checklist

Creating a checklist of everything that needs to be done before the wedding will help ease the pressure. Think about everything that needs to be purchased or hired and tick off as you go. That way you won’t miss any of the important stuff and you’ll feel in control.

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Delegate, delegate, delegate ! We can’t say this enough. Whether it’s your maid of honour, sister or mum, choose someone who you can pass off some responsibilities.

Take Time Off Work

This might be an obvious one, however some couples stay working right until the day of the Wedding, and that may cause you to feel completely overwhelmed. At the very least take 2 days off before the Wedding in order to finalise all the last minute details.

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You Can’t Please Everyone

Simply accepting that you can’t please every last person on your special day will help you to feel less stressed. Between table arrangements and other guest details, at the end of the day this special day is all about you and your partner!

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